Customisation and co-design

Programmes for organisations

The learning experiences, as we design jointly with our clients, are innovative and accompany managers to become leaders of change within their organisations.

Programme formats

We can design programmes with different formats tailored to our partner’s specific needs, innovating not only in terms of content, but also the delivery and learning experience.

Face-to-face programmes

The traditional format. The programme is taught on an ESADE campus (Madrid/Barcelona/Sant Cugat). 

Hybrid programmes

These programmes consist of preparation and online discussion forum stages, followed by face-to-face sessions to present the theoretical frameworks and work on case studies

Custom programmes + action plan

The CEAP (Custom + Executive Action Plan) programmes begin with an analysis of the company to identify key result and growth areas. Senior management and the ESADE teaching team then co-design the training programme, which includes a face-to-face teaching stage adapted to the identified challenges. The final stage is dedicated to the co-development of action plans to implement the generated knowledge in the business reality (Executive Action Plan), supervised by ESADE professors.

Programme types

ESADE programmes can also be customised in terms of type and duration: 

  • Fully customised long-term programmes: up to one and a half or two years. 
  • Medium-term programmes: from two to six months. 
  • Short (intensive) programmes: from four-hour sessions to one-week programmes.
  • Online programmes for companies. 
  • Lectures: ESADE faculty can speak at company events.
  • Other formats to be co-designed with the company.


Stages of the design process

  1. Identification of strategic needs (key result areas, key growth areas) and the training needed to strengthen those areas, as well as the main challenges.
  2. Co-design of the programme and format with the partner.
  3. Delivery: in-company, on an ESADE campus (executive classrooms), via immersion in innovation ecosystems, or in the global format (delivery wherever the client wants).
  4. Assessment and Executive Action Plan

Stages of the design process

Delivery wherever the client wants

For ESADE, there are no borders. For more than 30 years, we have been providing custom programmes to multinationals and local companies alike in over 25 countries. Today, not only can we deliver our programmes on an ESADE campus or in-company, we can also travel to innovation ecosystems to foster creative, intensive and immersive learning experiences. 

ESADE Campus

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