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Your professional future

Career Placement

Esade Business School PhD Programme prepares its Candidates to join leading Academic & Research Institutions around the world. Find the initial jobs they have got after their PhD at Esade Business School.

Most of our PhD Graduates pursue an academic or research positions in well reputed institutions.



  • Sahar Awan

    Assistant Professor atShaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

    Institute of Science and Technology SZABIST. Karachi, Pakistan

  • Laura Cortellazzo

    Postdoctoral Researcher - Adjunct Professor at Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. Italy

  • Atieh Mirfakhar

    Postdoctoral Researcher at Business Research Unit (BRU) of ISCTE-IUL

  • Queralt Prat Pubill

    External lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

  • Ferran Velasco Moreno

    Researcher at EADA Business School. Barcelona, Spain


  • Albert Armisen Morell

    Assistant Professor at Universitat de Vic, Spain

  • Mohammad Ghaderi

    Professor at the Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

  • Solange Hai

    Program Officer at CARE Nederland, The Hague, Netherlands 

  • Roy Mouawad

    Assistant professor at Geneva Business School, Barcelona

  • Joonho Shin

    Assistant Professor at Halla University, South Korea

  • Sadi Bogaç Kanadli

    Turkish Ministry of Trade

  • Benard Blastus Otieno Ngoye

    Assistant Professor at Strathmore Business School, Kenya

  • Ryan Federo

    Lecturer, Geneva Business School, Geneva, Switzerland

  • Georges Samara

    Assistant professor at American University of Beirut, Lebanon


  • Luis Araya Castillo

    Associate professor and Director of Escuela de Administración y Negocios, Universidad Miguel de Cervantes, Chile

  • Mehdi Bagherzadeh Niri

    Assistant Professor of Innovation, Management Strategy and Entrepreneurship Department, NEOMA Business School, Paris, France

  • Javier Capape Aguilar

    Researcher at Sovereign Wealth Lab, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain

  • Esther Hennchen

    Post Doc Research, University College Dublin, Ireland

  • Tanusree Jain

    Assistant Professor at Trinity College. The University of Dublin, Ireland

  • Melissa Jo Lee

    Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

  • Stefan Markovic

    Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

  • Leticia P. Mosteo Chagoyen

    Lecturer at International Business School Intebus, Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Juan Francisco Dávila
Profesor, Universidad de Piura, Perú 


Jorge Andrés Rodríguez
Assistant Professor, SPAE Graduate School of Management, Ecuador 


Dina Salim Abu Rous
Assistant Professor, Zayed Univesity, United Arab Emirates 


Ben A. Capell Cohen
Research Fellow, The University of Hong Kong 


Enrique López Viguria
ESADE Secretary General


Nicolás Loewe Pujol-Xicoy
Director, Energyst Group Services B. V., The Netherlands 


Hugo Osvaldo Gaggiotti
Principal Lecturer in Organizational Studies. University of the West of England 


Maria Neus Feliu Costa
Associate of Lansberg Gersick & Associates, Consulting Firm, Barcelona, Spain


Margarete Barbara geb. Kalinowski Bowien
Academic Research & Teaching Fellow at ESADE Business & Law School, Barcelona, Spain


Pablo G. Collazzo Yelpo
Professor, Strategy and Sustainable Finance, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Austria


Alessandro Comai
Director of Miniera, Consulting firm in Competitive Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain 


Maria José Parada
Lecturer, Strategy and General Management, Barcelona, Spain


Alaide Sipahi
Talent Development Specialist at MANGO & Lecturer and Coach at Universidad de Barcelona and Coach at ESADE Business School, Spain


Jennifer Goodman
Post-doctoral researcher, Aalto University, Finland


Myrto Chliova
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Aalto University, Finland


Cristina Sancha
Assistant Professor, University of  Groningen, The Netherlands


Matthew Hawkins
Assistant Professor, ICN Business School Nancy-Metz, France


Tuba Yesim Bakici
Assistant professor at ESC-Rennes School of Business, France


Basak Canboy
Professor of Human Resources Management and Researcher at Toulouse Business School, France


Kubra S. Canhilal
Postdoctoral Researcher at USI Università della Svizzera italiana


Gürsel Ilipinar
Head of Center for Innovation, Design & Entrepreneurship, Binus International, Indonesia


Fathima Z. Saleem
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Ryerson University, Toronto


Núria Nadal
General Management at Centre Gestor Lleida SA, Spain


Delia Mannen
Post-doctoral researcher at Cleveland Clinic Foundation, United States


Marc Vilanova
Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, ESADE Business School, Spain


Ali Kazeminia
Postdoctoral researcher at Tehran University


Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi
Assistant professor at Knowledge, Information and Networks research group. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Marc Esteve Laporta
Lecturer in International Public Management, University College London, UK 


Francesco di Lorenzo
Assistant professor, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


Pol Fox
Director, Master Digital Entrepreneurship La Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain


Sondos Abdelgawad
Assistant professor, Entrepreneurship Department, Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School, Madrid, Spain


Anna Laborda Coronil
Professor Economic Department, ESADE, Spain

Phd candidates on the job market

During the final year of the programme, Esade'S Careers Service provides support to candidates interested in pursuing an academic career.

For PhD candidates seeking a career in academe, being in the job market can be exciting but also very stressful. Esade helps them to prepare their portfolio in order to enhance their opportunities for inclusion in relevant conferences and associations and the related job market.

PhD Theses


Velasco Moreno, Ferran
Effective goal setting in leadership development programs


Cortellazzo, Laura
Emerging perspectives on behavioral competencies: an innovative measurement model, learning antecedents, and employability outcomes


Awan, Sahar
The micro foundations of public employee behavior


Mirfakhar, Atieh Sadat
Effective implementation of HR practices: a multi-actor perspective


Prat Pubill, Queralt
Re-imagining management: an axiological approach for knowledge creation oriented organisations  


Kruger, Heidi
Shifting interorganizational boundaries: an empirical examination of the implications of strategic alliance exit  


Ngoye, Benard Blastus Otieno
An institutional logics perspective on the implementation of performance measurement systems in the public sector. 


Kanadli, Sadi Bogaç
Exploring effects of board diversity on strategic decision making: benefiting from board processes, coping with social barriers. Info: TDX


Kalafatoglu, Tugba
The role of networks in the emergence of new business opportunities and new ventures in different geographic contexts. Info: TDX


Solouki, Zahra 
Organization narratives for strategic change. Info: TDX


Mouawad, Roy 
Student involvement in government: antecedents and outcomes. Info: TDX


Shin, Joonho
Micro multinational enterprises and the internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises: contextual and organizational factors. Info: TDX


Albert Armisen Morell
Innovativeness of Ideas from Crowdsourcing Discussions. Info: TDX


Javier Capapé Aguilar
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Strategic Governance and Responsible Ownership. Info: TDX


Ryan Federo
Governing Those Who Govern: Essays on the Governance of Intergovernmental Organizations. Info: TDX


Mohammad Ghaderi
Preference Disaggregation: Towards an Integrated Framework. Info: TDX


Solange Hai
Walking a Tightrope: Understanding and Managing Tensions in Social Enterprises. Info: TDX


Melissa Jo Lee
Open Strategies for Innovation in the Public Sector: Challenges and Opportunities. Info: TDX


Susanna Salvador
Holding the Stick at Both Ends: The Design of Network Administrative Organizations. Info: TDX


George Samara
Managing family businesses heterogeneity: global strategies for family business economic and social performance. Info: TDX


Luis Araya Castillo
Impact of International Diversification on the Performance of Spanish Multinationals: The moderating role of the firm’s sector and the firm’s geographical focus. Info: TDX 


Margarida Trüninger de Albuquerque
Unveiling the Catalyzing Power of Emotional Intelligence over General Intelligence and Learning Performance. Info: TDX


Hugo Osvaldo Gaggiotti
Narratives of globalization in a multinational corporation: an organizational ethnography of the expatriation experience. Info: TDX


Jorge Andrés Rodríguez Rodríguez
Cooperative relationships between firms and secondary stakeholders for the creation of value. Info: TDX


Sabrina Moreira Ottani
The Dynamic Process of Coordinating Innovation Networks: Mechanisms to Overcome Diversity and Conflicts. Info: TDX


Stefan Markovic Markovic
21st-Century brands: An innovation opportunity and an ethical challenge. Info: TDX


Maria Neus Feliu Costa
Philanthropy in family enterprises: a governance perspective. Info: TDX


Juan Francisco Dávila Blázquez
A study of the factors that influence materialism in children. Info: TDX


Mehdi Bagherzadeh Niri
Governance of inter-organizational collaborations when engaged in Open Innovation. Info: TDX


Dina Salim Abu Rous
Modern colonial firms in accounting and accountancy. Info: TDX


Ana López Ranz
Factores de éxito o fracaso en operaciones de fusión y adquisición. Info: TDX


Margarete Barbara geb. Kalinowski Bowien
The Dynamic of Business Model Transformation: Innovation and Internationalization. Info: TDX


Pablo G. Collazzo Yelpo
Modeling Stock Option Contracts - Evidence from Spain. Info: TDX


Héctor Rafael Arámbula Quiñones
La profesionalización y el desarrollo de la alta dirección en el Sector Público. Un estudio de caso: La experiencia del Sistema de Alta Dirección Pública en Chile. Info: TDX


Alessandro Comai
Competitive Intelligence Expenses: Organization Characteristics and Environmental Contingencies. Info: TDX


Esther Hennchen
The political role and responsibilities of Multinational Corporations: the case of Royal Dutch Shell. Info: TDX


Maria José Parada
Understanding different dimensions of the family business from a contingency perspective. Info: TDX


Alaide Sipahi
Social Behavior and Emotions at Work: Regulation, Assessment and Feedback. Info: TDX


Leticia P. Mosteo Chagoyen 
Executive coaching: an exploration of the what, how and who of coaching practices from a cognitive-emotional and cross-cultural perspective. Info: TDX 


Nicolás Loewe Pujol-Xicoy 
The contribution of work satisfaction to the life satisfaction of chilean workers. Info: TDX 


Tanusree Jain 
A Reflection on Corporate Stakeholder Orientation: Antecedents and Assessment. Info: TDX 


Ben Ami Capell Cohen 
Explorations into Diversity at inter and Intra Organizational Level. Info: TDX 


Enrique López Vigúria 
La mision universitaria de la compañía de Jesus. Un estudio exploratorio sobre el perfil de los egresados de sus escuelas de negocios en España. Info: TDX 


Myrto Chliova 
Entrepreneurship in the Service of Society: Antecedents and Implications. Info: TDX


Jennifer C. Goodman 
Social shareholder engagement: How shareholders bring social, environmental and ethical concerns to the heart of management. Info: TDX


Matthew A. Hawkins 
An investigation into consumers’ relationship with their consumption activities. Info: TDX


Ali Kazeminia 
Firm Sustained Growth. Info: TDX


Delia Mannen 
Promoting Dignity in Organizational Life: A Conceptualization, Application, and Theoretical Extension. Info: TDX


Núria Nadal 
Managing research projects: judgment as a source of creativity. Info: TDX


Cristina Sancha
Extending sustainable practices along the supply chain. Info: TDX


Marc Vilanova
Managing Responsible Competitiveness: Identity, Culture, Paradox and Narratives. Info: TDX


Fathima Zahara Saleem 


The symbiotic relationship of social media content creation and consumption: A mood management and selective exposure theory perspective. Info: TDX



Gürsel Ilipinar 
The great age of design: from design thinking to mental midwifery and to design's impact on brands. Info: TDX


Basak Canboy 
Emotional and Social Competencies: Developing and measuring emotional and social comptetencies in higher education. Info: TDX


S. Kubra Canhilal 
Enhancing the understanding of expatriate adjustment: concept and multi-sample empirical support. Info: TDX


Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi 
Organizational Learning From Informations System-Related Incidents. Info: TDX