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Latin American Business

Latin American Business Club

Who we are

We the LATAM club are a vibrant organization looking composed of a multicultural and diverse people from the region. This makes us possible for bring the very best of our countries and work side by side to develop a strong community within the MBA program.


President: Daniel Felder
VP of Careers: Viviana Valdez
VP of Finance: Santiago Fortino
VP of Communication: Roxana Presenda
VP of International Affairs: Shintaro Suwabe
VP of External Relations: Humberto Ataide
VP of Events & Operations: Ulrich Schulz
VP of Entrepreneurship & MSc Relations: Johannes Cebulla (Master of Finance)

What we do:

In the LATAM Club, we sought to connect the MBA Latin America students with other Latin American Organizations and Institutions, as well as promote our countries’ values and culture providing new ideas for ESADE Business School.

Our club is open to every student who has interest in the region, further increasing our core values of friendship and collaborative spirit, enhancing awareness and interest of business related issues in Latin America.

Why you should join us:

Latin America is not only a cultural diverse and impressively welcoming region, it is also a place for opportunities, development of business ideas not yet implemented and a steadily growing region in the world. For everyone who comes from Latam and knows the amazing potential held, for those who want a better understanding of how to develop business or look for networking in the region, this club is the place you’ll get you first approach. Come join us and let us share the very best of our beloved Latam with you.