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A Two-Tier Approach

The ESADE Careers Team assess you make the most of your potential. They are your greatest resource. Its members are your allies as you set your career goals and pursue the best development for you.

You can call on their vast experience and proven track records to answer questions, resolve doubts and gain valuable insights into different sectors. They know every aspect of recruitment, from both employer and student perspectives. The team includes leading careers coaches, talent selectors and Human Resources executives. Their combined expertise is a launchpad for successful postgraduate global careers.

ESADE Careers works in two ways to deliver maximum support to both students and recruiters.

  • Student Development Team

    This team gives you one-to-one, personalised attention throughout your career orientation and job search process.

  • Business Development Team

    This team works closely with the world’s top companies and organises year-round activities to bring you a raft of opportunities and keep you up to speed with recruiting and market trends.

We will work systematically with you to help you:

Define your career strategy

Improve your application materials (CV, cover letters, essays, etc.)


Effectively introduce yourself to recruiters

Optimise your interview techniques

Negotiate a job offer with skill and confidence to ensure your best interests are met

Enhance your international prospects