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BIMUN ESADE for high schools

BARCELONA · 17 - 19 APRIL 2020

Be a diplomat for a day at a United Nations simulation

Would you like to be part of a United Nations session? Represent a country and discuss issues of global importance with students from all over the world? Don’t miss the BIMUN ESADE for High Schools: you and your classmates will get to be diplomats for a day and participate in a unique experience.

When: 17th to 19th April 2020

Where: ESADE Law School, Barcelona Pedralbes Campus and ESADE Sant Cugat Campus

Language: English

For more information: bimun@barcelonamun.com

What is it?

A Model United Nations (MUN) conference is a simulation of an ordinary United Nations session in which students from various schools are organised into countries to discuss a political, economic or social issue of global interest. The conference is held over the course of a day (divided into several two-hour sessions) and is led by two moderators (chairs).

How does it work?


First, you will need to create a delegation at your school, i.e. a team of representatives or diplomats, one of whom must be the spokesperson.


We will assign you a country. From that point on, you will represent that country (to make it more interesting, we will not assign you your own country).


We will inform you in advance of the topic to be discussed at the mock United Nations session.


The members of your delegation will need to prepare for the session focusing on three main aspects:


Documentation: You will need to research the characteristics of your country. You should have a thorough grasp of its economy, domestic and foreign policy, resources, society, etc.


Rules of Procedure: You will need to comply with a simplified version of the original rules of procedure and diplomatic protocols of the United Nations.


Preparation of the topic: You will need to look for information on the topic to be discussed and try to establish the considerations, measures or solutions you will bring to the debate. 


You will meet with the delegations of other countries and participate in a session conducted just as it would be at the United Nations. You will also need to submit your measures and solutions in writing.

Why participate in the MUN?

  • To learn first-hand how the United Nations, a leading global organisation, works

  • To experience how international relations work

  • To develop communication, public speaking and writing skills

  • To learn how to resolve matters with diplomacy, dialogue and negotiation

  • To research another country and learn about it in depth

Would you like to pursue an international career?

If the experience of participating in the MUN piques your interest in pursuing an international career, ESADE Law School can prepare you for it. With the Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order programme or the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order programme, you will be prepared to work at international institutions such as the EU, the United Nations, the WHO or UNESCO, or at NGOs and other global organisations. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to tackle global political, economic and legal issues.