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Upcoming events for pre-university students

ESADE’s calendar is filled with events that are designed to give pre-university students like you a first-hand look at our Bachelor programmes as you navigate the process of choosing your future. For example, you can come to one of our open-house days, where students and parents are invited to discover our campus, meet our programme directors and learn more about our various degree programmes. You can also attend a class through our “Come to University” programme, which features sessions on various topics that are designed to help you decide which field is right for you: marketing, finance, law, etc. If you want even more events, don’t miss our Summer School, a three-week programme that will immerse you in the world of ESADE and its degree programmes. 

But there’s more: if you like the world of law and are good at debating and putting forth arguments, join our debate league for pre-university students – a unique experience that will allow you to debate current-affairs issues with students from different high schools.