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Fast Placement For ESADE Graduates

Employment Data

  • 85%

    of students find work before finishing their degree

  • 96%

    finds work three months after the end of the program

  • 2-3

    is the record time for ESADE students to find public sector jobs

Why ESADE Students Have Such Fast Placement

  • Educational Excellence

    ESADE programmes are rigorous, up-to-date and designed to meet the needs of today’s job market. Our curriculums are designed with the input of business leaders and representatives of prestigious law firms.

  • Outstanding skills

    When you graduate from ESADE you’ll have a skill set that sets you apart from other candidates in the eyes of recruiters: leadership, teamwork, communication, public speaking and more.

  • ESADE Careers support

    Our team of careers experts work one-to-one with each student to develop a strategy, then provide the resources, training and feedback needed to realize it.

  • Internships

    The internships included in degree programme curriculums are a gateway to the world of work: 85% of students receive job offers from the same companies where they were placed.

  • Recruitment events

    More than 100 companies come to ESADE recruitment events every year. Headhunters and HR professionals personally interview ESADE students to find top talents.

  • Support for official exams

    If you’re interested in sitting an official exam to join the diplomatic corps or become a public notary or prosecutor, for example, our advisors will help you to be fully prepared.

  • Close links with companies and law firms

    ESADE has close links with leading companies and law firms around the world, developed over many years. These organisations trust ESADE to develop talented candidates with the knowledge and skills that they need.  

  • Prestige

    Putting ESADE on your C.V. adds the prestige of an internationally renowned institution that is regularly ranked as one the best on the world.

“If they were accepted by ESADE, if they’ve passed their classes at ESADE, if they work well within the ESADE context, then they will logically fit in with law firms. If they’re themselves and demonstrate their willingness to learn, they’re not going to have any problems with Rousand Costas Duran’s selection processes.”

Íñigo Montesinos

M&A Rousand Costas Duran Soci de l'Àrea de Corporate

“When someone from ESADE arrives at a law firm, they arrive already trained. That’s something the firm appreciates. That’s why almost all firms, including ours, have a steady stream of ESADE recruits.” 

Manuel Follia

Bachelor and Master in Law

Cuatrecasas Gonçalves Pereira Partner

Morgan Stanley has had strong ties with ESADE for a very long time. The investment banking team actively and continually takes part in ESADE’s selection processes, and each year it offers internships to its students as well as full-time positions to recent graduates.”

Carlos de Abajo

Morgan Stanley Managing Director, Head Iberian M&A (Madrid)

At Santander, we value ESADE alumni’s multicultural profiles, their multidisciplinary experience and analytical and organisational skills. With traits like these, candidates can provide value to our teams from the very moment they’re incorporated.

Francisco Canales

Santander Group Corporate Internal and External Selection Unit