Professional oportunities

Become a key jurist at a global institution or organisation

The multidisciplinary education of ESADE’s Bachelor in Law + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order will open up a wide range of options for your future on the international stage. In addition to the usual career paths in law, you’ll be able to pursue professional opportunities related to your education in global governance, including your specialisation track in either Global Politics or Global Economics.

Two degrees, twice as many opportunities

This double degree will multiply your professional options: in addition to the traditional Job opportunities provided by the Degree in Law, you’ll also be able to access those provided by the Governance, Economics & Legal Order. This background will provide you, above all else, the opportunity to define a decidedly international career for yourself: you’ll be able to opt for positions anywhere in the world.

Career opportunities

Adviser to international organisations: UE, NATI, UN, WHO, World Bank

There are currently more than 66,000 international organisations where you can develop a career as an expert advisor. You’ll be qualified to carry out analyses of transnational problems or cases and to offer advice on legal issues, geopolitics and economics at the global level, particularly in whatever geographical region you choose to specialise in. Some of the best-known organisations include the following:


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
United Nations (UN)
International Labour Organisation (ILO)
World Health Organisation (WHO)
World Bank
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
European Union (EU)
International Criminal Court (ICC)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
Transparency International

Analyst at a foreign-trade consortium

Foreign-trade analysts play a key role in today’s world of globalised trade. You’ll provide advice to importers and exporters, analyse trends, detect opportunities in emerging markets, assess the feasibility of commercial activities in a particular region, etc. Your specialisation in a specific region of the world will provide high added value in the eyes of any company operating in this sphere.

Political careers

Your knowledge of law, international relations, geopolitics and economics will enable you to pursue a political career or work for a government ministry (Justice, Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, Finance, etc.).

Adviser to NGOs

If you are very socially engaged and motivated to work on cooperation and aid projects, after graduating from the programme you can pursue a career at an NGO. Because their projects and activities are often international, NGOs need advisers who are familiar with international relations, geopolitics, law and economics.

Diplomatic or consular career

Diplomats are civil servants who represent the state in international relations of all sorts. After completing the Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, you’ll be well-positioned to sit for a competitive examination to start a career at an embassy or consulate. In this role, your functions will include negotiating, protecting and serving your fellow citizens, fostering institutional relations, obtaining information, etc.

Global Economics career paths

Expert economic analyst

You will be able to analyse markets, provide advice on economic regulations and conduct macroeconomic analyses of specific countries on behalf of government bodies, companies or international organisations.

Consultant on international projects

You will be able to advise and oversee international cooperation efforts or economic projects for institutions, government bodies or NGOs, offering your expert knowledge of macroeconomics, industrial organisation and econometrics, especially in the area of influence of the geographical region you specialised in.

Investment banking adviser

You can provide advice on investments, the securities market and the valuation of financial products for banks, government bodies, medium-sized and large companies, investment funds, investment consulting firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, etc.

Research and economic analysis centres

You can join a research and economic analysis centre such as the Spanish Council for Scientific Research’s Economic Analysis Institute (IAE), the Complutense Institute of Economic Analysis (ICAE) and various international organisations.

Multinational corporations

Multinational corporations need expert economic analysts who can provide advice on their various activities around the globe. It is highly advisable for such analysts to have a multidisciplinary education that encompasses economics, geopolitics, law and international relations.

Organisations that regulate economic activity (EU, IMF, etc.)

National governments, the International Monetary Fund and the European Union have bodies dedicated to regulating and overseeing economic markets. If you like, you will be able to work for institutions of this sort (competitive examinations are required in some cases).

Global Politics career paths

Consultant on international political affairs

You will be able to advise organisations and governments on the prevention and management of international conflicts and help manage international development projects. You will also be able to collaborate on interactions between public and private organisations and on political relationships between governments.

Political science research centres

You can join a centre for political analysis and research such as the Institute for European Studies, the Political and Social Sciences Institute, the Centre for European Policy Studies, etc.

Adviser to political analysis organisations or European Union institutions

Various European Union bodies are responsible for conducting political studies. If you like, you will be able to work for institutions of this sort (competitive examinations are required in some cases). There are also various external research centres and consultancies that provide advice to these organisations and to national governments.

Multinational organisations

Multinational organisations need expert political analysts with knowledge of economics and law who can provide advice on their various activities around the globe. It is highly advisable for such analysts to have a multidisciplinary education that encompasses politics, law and international relations.

Career opportunities in law

Completing the Double Degree, you’ll be able to work independently, for law firms or for companies, enabling a multitude of life experiences, specialisations and professional pursuits.

> Lawyer at a law firm
> State attorney
> Member of an NGO or official body
> Legal adviser to companies or institutions
> Prosecutor
> Labour or tax inspector
> Judge
> Lawyer for the Spanish Council of State
> Notary
> Land or company registrar

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