Study Abroad

Study degree subjects abroad

The Bachelor in Law + Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order lets you study two International Law subjects in the second and third years of the programme at top-rated universities. These short study abroad programmes can last one to three weeks in the month of June and represent a very enriching exchange experience that will add value to your professional profile.

Duration: 1-3 weeks

When: June, at the end of the 2nd and 3rd years

Where: France and USA

Language: English

Compatible with the Summer Programmes


The tuition for these programmes is included in the undergraduate degree tuition. You’ll only have to pay for your trip, accommodation and personal expenses. 

Study abroads: Subject to the renewal of the agreement by ESADE and the partner university.

Second year: Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po)

Renowned in France and internationally, Sciences Po Paris is one of the world’s most prestigious political science institutions. Located in the neighbourhood of Saint-Germain, this historic school has educated numerous key figures who have gone on to hold top political positions. 

Those who study at Sciences Po don’t just receive an education at an institution that has been producing high-ranking officials for 140 years; they are also trained by an education, research and debate centre recognised as one of France’s grands établissements. At Sciences Po, you’ll learn alongside students from 150 different countries and attend debates featuring top-notch political speakers. 

Third Year: The Fletcher School Boston

The Fletcher School is one of the most prestigious schools specialised in diplomacy, foreign affairs, and international relations. It is the oldest academic centre in the USA, and its classrooms have seen some of the world’s most prestigious diplomats.

Ranked by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the best schools for international relations, the Fletcher School is one of the eight educational institutions that make up Tufts University in Massachusetts. Studying at the Fletcher School enables you to train in one of the best faculties of diplomacy in the world, and to live the vital and immersive experience of studying in the exceptional university environment of Boston. 

Advantages of the Study Abroad programme

> Live an unforgettable experience in France or the USA

> You will be trained in international law in centres of excellence

> You will experience other ways to learn and study politics and diplomacy

> Subjects studied are recognised and count towards your ESADE degree

> You will perfect your English and French

> You will learn with students and lecturers from other countries

Note: programmes may vary from year to year according to the agreements reached with the universities that collaborate with ESADE.