Fostering your training of foreign languages

Being able to speak several foreign languages is essential to work at the international level and in the world of international relations, in particular. For this reason, the ESADE Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order programme prepares you to work professionally in up to three languages: English (with complete mastery of Legal English), French, German, Arabic or Mandarin if you specialise in Asia.

Gradual Spanish-English programme

The very first year of the programme combines subjects taught in Spanish with others taught completely in English. The number of subjects taught in English will increase progressively throughout the programme: in the first, they represent 60%; and, in the last one, 100%. English is a compulsory subject throughout the programme, and we will prepare you to sit the TOEFL exam.



French, German, Arabic or Mandarin

You’ll sit up to 6 hours every week in small and highly participatory classes taught by native speakers. Your fluency in these foreign languages will not be just in terms of legal vocabulary but also in terms of key competencies such as public speaking and writing legal documents.

Legal English

During the bachelor’s degree, you will enrol in specific Legal English programme subjects, helping you to acquire all the vocabulary and common terms used in legal practice. The Legal English subjects focus on specific themes or cases addressed in other programme subjects.

The Legal English courses comprise three phases:

  • 1

    Phase 1: Research and expanding your mastery of legal English to include all branches of the Law; you will also work on your writing skills through cases.

  • 2

    Phase 2: An introduction to oral communication techniques and rhetoric.

  • 3

    Phase 3: An in-depth simulation of trials in English and persuasive oral presentations using different techniques.

Class activities

Mini legal cases



Role-playing exercises


Public speaking

Case re-trials (analysis of the facts, arguments, etc., in a legal case)

Persuasive presentation