Global Economics or Global Politics

Focus your Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order on the area that interests you the most

With the Double Degree in Law + Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order, you can choose to specialise in either international politics or international economics. During the first year of the global governance programme, you’ll take subjects in both areas; that way, when the time comes to choose a track, you’ll know which specialisation interests you the most and is the best match for your future plans.

The two tracks share certain common topics, including Model United Nations, international security, the influence of the financial markets on society and the economy, and how international public law works.

The tracks will give you access to greater professional opportunities: you’ll be able to focus your career on your area of specialisation and enrich your work as a jurist by playing a leading role in international affairs.

Global Economics

Become an expert in international economics

In this track, you will study key topics that will help you understand how the global economy works and learn how to analyse it rigorously.

You’ll acquire the necessary knowledge and basic tools to carry out an economic analysis, including statistics and applied mathematics for economics. You’ll learn how to carry out your own economic analyses on a variety of topics: you’ll be able to analyse particular markets, assess proposals for economic regulation, and carry out macroeconomic analyses of particular countries.

Over the course of the track, your knowledge will become deeper: you’ll carry out in-depth analyses of specific markets, discover the effects of different types of regulations, and learn how to test hypotheses using real data.


Area: Quantitative Methods in Economics

Mathematics Applied to Economic Analysis


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Area: Modelling and Economic Analysis

International Economics
Industrial Organization
Advanced Macroeconomics
Financial Markets and Financial Valuation


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Global Politics

Master the finer points of global politics

In this track, you will study specific subjects such as Political Science and Globalisation, International Politics and Conflict Resolution, and Geopolitics and Natural Resources.

You’ll learn how international conflicts are predicted and how to manage an international development project from a practical point of view.

In the advanced stage of the track, you’ll study the various ways in which public and private organisations interact and learn to analyse interactions between political and economic powers.


Area: Political Science and Globalisation

Quantitative Methods in Political Science
Global Political Economy
Public and Private Governance


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Area: International Politics and Conflict Resolution

International Development
International Conflict Management


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Area: Geopolitics and Natural Resources

Natural Resources and Geopolitic Strategies
Climate Geopolitics


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