Learning by doing

Living is the new learning

From day one, ESADE’s Bachelor in Business Administration + Bachelor in Law Double Degree will immerse you in the everyday world of legal and business professionals, thanks to its practical learning-by-doing methodology.

On completion of the programme, you’ll have a versatile profile and proactive, dynamic and flexible work habits that will make you very attractive to companies and law firms. You will consolidate your knowledge through hands-on work and develop the ability to transfer this theoretical knowledge to any situation you may encounter in the future.

Learning by doing in class

  • Active classes

    Working in small groups with a participatory approach, you’ll cover all sorts of legal issues and topics of current interest in the world of law. Interaction with your classmates and instructors will be constant.

  • Business creation: develop your startup

    You’ll have the opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial spirit by creating a business plan.

  • Court simulations

    ESADE has a simulated courtroom equipped with a recording system like the ones used in real-life courts. You’ll be able to watch – and simulate – pretrial hearings and trial proceedings in a variety of cases.

  • Management simulations

    At ESADE, you’ll experience the decision-making process used most frequently in business management. These decisions have an impact on the various departments and on the company’s bottom line.

  • Solving integrated real-life cases

    During class, you’ll debate and solve real-life legal and business cases involving leading companies such as Wal-Mart and Zara-Inditex, as well as cases of current interest (such as Volkswagen, whose environmental scandal has been in the news since autumn 2015). You’ll analyse the situation and discuss possible solutions, applying knowledge acquired in class.

  • Developing competencies

    Over the course of the programme, you’ll work on fundamental skills and competencies that every executive or lawyer needs today: communication, public speaking, leadership, negotiation, innovation, social responsibility, etc.

Educational experiences outside the classroom


Competitions: business games, international moot court competitions, debate leagues

Each year, our students have the chance to participate in international business and law competitions. You’ll experience the thrill and motivation of competing on real-life cases against teams from universities all over the world.


Outdoor experiences

Tours of companies, law firms and courthouses, outdoor activities, lectures and gatherings with high-profile businesspeople and lawyers, activities organised by associations, TEDxESADE, etc., are a regular part of the programme starting in the second year.


Rambla of Innovation

The Rambla of Innovation is a learning ecosystem that combines education with innovation and experimentation. It consists of five thematic spaces on the Sant Cugat campus, where students in the Bachelor of Business Administration can participate in various initiatives and activities: the idea-generation processes, the creation of new products and services, the development and launch of your own business projects, and even 3D-printing the product of the future. Living is the new learning!