At ESADE, you’ll learn languages

English + legal and business English + a second foreign language

In ESADE’s Double Degree in Business Administration and Law, English is gradually adopted as the language of instruction. The syllabus also includes legal English, business English, and French, German or Mandarin Chinese. By interacting with instructors and classmates of other nationalities and doing a semester abroad, you’ll make a definitive leap forward in your mastery of foreign languages. By the end of the programme, you’ll be able to navigate international business and legal settings with no trouble at all.

Gradual shift from Spanish to English

In the Double Degree, you’ll combine subjects taught in Spanish with subjects taught 100% in English. As the programme progresses, the amount of instruction you receive in English will gradually increase: in the second year, 30% of your classes will be taught in English; in the third year, 50%. By the fourth year, English will outweigh Spanish, being the vehicular language of approximately 70% of your classes.

French, German, Mandarin Chinese or Arabic

Each week, you’ll take up to six hours of small, highly participatory classes with native instructors. Your command of these languages will include knowledge of business vocabulary as well as a mastery of key competencies such as negotiation.

Legal and business English

In years 3 and 4, you’ll take specific subjects in legal English and business English. The content will revolve around the topics and case studies being covered in your other subjects.

What are the classes like?

Mini-case studies




Role-playing games


Public speaking

Retrial of cases (analysis of the facts, arguments, etc.)

Persuasive presentations