Study abroad

Study abroad: your international immersion

In year 5, it’s time for the main international experience of the programme: a semester abroad at one of the more than 70 universities that have a collaboration agreement with ESADE Business & Law School.

Why does the semester abroad take place in year 5? By then, you will:

Have a basic education in law and business management.

Be fluent in legal English, business English and your second foreign language.

Have completed your specialisations in law and management.

Be ready to open up to the world by studying abroad at the foreign university of your choice.


What university should you choose?

First you’ll have to decide whether you want your career to focus on law or business, and then choose a specialisation. These are your options:




Latin América



Middle East

Benefits of the study abroad programme

At the academic and professional level, you will:

Receive training at a prestigious international university.

Learn other ways of understanding law, business and management.

Take the subjects that most interest you: design your own curriculum while studying abroad.

Gain fluency in the languages you studied as an undergraduate – or others!

What’s more, study abroad is highly valued by corporate recruiters, and it can open the doors to an international career.

At the personal level, you will:

Enjoy campus life and the cultural offerings of your host city.

Develop bonds and friendships with students and professors from other countries.

Leave behind your family, friends and school to start from scratch in another country, at a different university – what a great chance to grow!