Curriculum of the Double Degree in Business Administration and Law

The curriculum of the Double Degree in Business Administration and Law will constantly immerse you in subjects from both degree programmes. From day one, you’ll take subjects in both law and business administration, enhancing your ability to adapt easily to legal and business settings and establish synergies between the two worlds.

Your syllabus

First year

Laying the groundwork


In year 1, you’ll lay the foundation for general knowledge of law and business management, with a focus on practical applications.


This is a very intense, challenge-filled year, during which you’ll become familiar with the examinations, the faculty, new ways of studying, etc. But it’s also a year filled with great non-academic experiences: you’ll join student associations and immerse yourself in university life at ESADE.

First academic year subjects

Second year

First step toward internationalisation


In year 2, you’ll delve deeper into subjects from both degree programmes. English will now be the language of instruction for 30% of your subjects, in both in business and law. You’ll also have the chance to have your first international experience by participating in a summer programme in London, at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies.


By this year, you’re settled in, familiar with the programme and the environment, and getting the most out of your studies and campus life generally.

Second academic year subjects

Third year

Legal specialisation


The curriculum for year 3 focuses more heavily on law: you’ll be ready to choose your favourite area of law and begin your specialisation. Meanwhile, you’ll keep taking business subjects. Half of your subjects will now be in English. You’ll begin your training in Legal English and in another language of your choice (French, German or Mandarin Chinese). In the summer, you’ll have the chance to participate in a solidarity-based internship in Latin America, Africa or Asia, through the University Development Service (SUD).


This tends to be the year in which students get more involved in associations and in organising specific activities related to their academic interests. Organising activities is a good way to gain experience for the future, and it’s also viewed favourably by companies and organisations. This will be your last year on the Pedralbes campus.

Third academic year subjects

Fourth year

Management specialisation


In year 4, the curriculum focuses on business administration. You’ll begin your specialisation in management, while at the same time finishing your last subjects in law. By now, 70% of your subjects are taught in English, and you’ll begin your training in Business English. You’ll also have the chance to have another international experience by participating in a summer programme in the United States


In year 4, you’ll move to the Sant Cugat campus, a multicultural setting where you’ll intermingle with students and faculty members from more than 100 countries. You’ll develop a familiarity with multicultural environments that will later help you adapt to the culture of multinationals or foreign companies. You’ll choose the university where you’ll do a semester abroad the following year (from more than 100 options).

Fourth academic year subjects

Fifth year

Study abroad: consolidating your international education


Year 5 is when you’ll have the greatest international experience of the entire programme. You’ll spend one semester studying at one of the world’s top 100 business or law schools, with the chance to specialise in either business or law, depending on your career goals. During the second quarter of the year, you’ll take your last management subjects for ESADE’s Double Degree and submit your final project.


In year 5, you’ll make a huge leap forward, both personally and professionally. Spending six months abroad means making new friends, living on a new campus, getting to know another culture... a vital educational experience that you’ll remember your entire life. You’ll decide where you want to do your internship the following year and start to prepare for your career. With these goals in mind, you’ll participate in workshops and rely on the help of ESADE Careers

Fifth academic year subjects

Sixth year

Internships: your contact with the real professional world


In year 6, you’ll do a compulsory semester-long internship at a company or law firm, chosen in accordance with your preferred career orientation (business or law). The internship can be in Spain or abroad. In either case, you’ll have a privileged starting point for your definitive transition to the professional world.


As an intern, you’ll hold a real job at a real company, with real goals and responsibilities. The everyday bustle of a company or law firm is the best schooling you could possibly receive as you finish the Double Degree programme.

Sixth academic year subjects