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Professional opportunities

Tu formación en ESADE marcará la diferencia

Al finalizar el Grado en Derecho contarás con una formación jurídica integral, que te permitirá escoger entre las múltiples salidas profesionales vinculadas al mundo del derecho: podrás trabajar en firmas y despachos jurídicos o incorporarte al departamento legal de grandes empresas en cualquier país del mundo. Con una mentalidad internacional, con formación económico-empresarial y con habilidades como la oratoria, el trabajo en equipo y el liderazgo… tu perfil profesional contará con valores añadidos muy valorados por los reclutadores de los despachos.

Law Career opportunities

Lawyer in a law firm

You’ll be able to work as a lawyer, representing clients in trials, conflicts and other personal matters whether through national and international law firms or setting up your own firm.

State attorneys

The public administration has a corps of state attorneys which you can join by sitting and passing the official exam. This could be an option for you if you’re interested in providing legal assistance to the Administration as a whole and defending the State’s various institutions in both national and international tribunals and courts.

Legal advisor for companies and institutions

While focusing on Law, you can also work in the business area if you like this sector: Advising companies on the fulfilment of different laws and defending their interests in conflicts, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Thanks to the programme, your management background will be an added value for your clients.

Public prosecutor

A public prosecutor is one who presents evidence in criminal cases before judges to ensure the crime is punished. Prosecutors are not the victim’s attorneys; they are state attorneys. In order to pursue this career path, you will also have to sit and pass an official exam.

Tax authority or labour inspector

Como inspector de trabajo o de hacienda tendrás la oportunidad de velar por que se cumplan las leyes laborales en las empresas, en el primer caso, y que la ciudadanía cumpla con las leyes y compromisos fiscales que todos tenemos (pago de impuestos, declaración de la renta, retenciones, etc.).


If you are passionate about resolving conflicts and have good decision-making skills, serving as a judge is perhaps your ideal path. Your function is to maintain an objective and global view of the case, assess the evidence and arguments presented by both parties and issue a fair sentence based on the fulfilment of laws.

Council of State attorney

The Council of State is an organisation that the Spanish Government consults before making key decisions. This council includes a group of attorneys who have earned their spot after sitting and passing an official exam. Amongst other functions, these attorneys have to study, prepare and draft projects on which the Council of State is consulted for its determination.

Notary public

The primary mission of notary publics is to attest and certify that agreements and documents such as wills, mortgages, deeds, agreements, etc., comply with current legislation. This is an attractive professional outlet if you’re interested in practicing law and legal matters, though not interested in courts, law suits, negotiations, etc.

Property or mercantile registrar

Property and mercantile registries are public institutions in which you can work after sitting and successfully passing an official exam. Their work consists of managing the legal documents stemming from registering property and all the data that companies have to register by law regarding their economic activities.

Support for students sitting official exams

We’ll help you to prepare for law-related official exams

At ESADE Law School we offer full support to students sitting official exams. If you’re interested in sitting an official exam to join the corps of state attorneys or diplomats, notary publics or public prosecutors, etc., our official exam advisors will help you to sit the corresponding exams as prepared as possible. Did you know that our students join public administrations in record time? While most take 5 to 8 years, ESADE Law students generally take 2 to 3 years.