Employment Data

High job placement within a year

The differential education that the ESADE Bachelor in Law programme provides is one of the key factors enabling our students to join the professional world right after completing the programme. Many of our students even receive job offers before graduating.

Law firms and companies from around the world see our students as legal experts with a highly attractive profile: Proactive, capable of applying laws to reality, with an in-depth knowledge of specific legal areas and familiar with Transnational Law and Economics. This makes these organisations want to incorporate our graduates into their teams year after year. Contrarily, graduates who opt to sit civil service entrance exams pass them in record time, thanks, in part, to the support we provide candidates.

The result of all this is the excellent job placement track record for our graduating classes, repeated time and again over the last few years.

Employment Data

  • 96%

    of students found work after passing the Law practice examination

  • 90%

    of students find work throught ESADE's career service office

  • 85

    Law firms and companies come to ESADE's campus to recruit students each year

  • €28,000

    the average salary in 2017

Placement by area

36%Commercial Law
26%Tax Law
9%Processal Law
6%Labour Law
5%Legal area
4%Administrative Law
4%RRHH Law

ESADE Students secure public-administration positions in record time