Debate leagues

Debate leagues

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in different debate leagues while at ESADE. First, you’ll learn specifically about presenting your arguments, critical reasoning, appropriate research skills and oral communication resources. Upon completing the preparatory subject, students are selected to form teams which then begin to prepare to take part in each of the leagues in which they decide to compete.

Some of the leagues in which our students have taken part in the past: Xarxa Vives, Unijés, UFV and Judicial Branch of the Government.

2015 success stories

Finalists in two Judicial Branch debate leagues

Best speaker and two honourable mentions

Two students, Sofía Espízua and Clara Amat, were selected to compete in Strasburg with other candidates from the rest of Spain

Debate Leagues Keypoints

Put the knowledge acquired in the classroom into practice

Debate ideas in public

Develop research skills and the search for information

Improve your public speaking skills

Further your ability to quickly and agilely respond to others


An experience that closely resembles professional practice