Exchange programme

Exchange programme: The experience of living and studying abroad

The ESADE Bachelor in Law programme gives you the opportunity to study your fourth-year specialisation in Public or Private Law at another university abroad: You’ll spend one semester at one of the best 51 law schools in the world and with which ESADE has a collaboration agreement. You can also opt to carry out the exchange programme at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London, a centre specialising in Transnational Law and led by Georgetown University.

The exchange programme is optional but it is such an enriching experience that 75% of our students take part every year.

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Latin America


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Exchange programme at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London

CTLS is an innovative centre specialising in Transnational Law. It was created by the ten best law schools around the world and led by Georgetown University. ESADE is the only Spanish law school taking part in CTLS and, consequently, the only one offering you this opportunity.


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Exchange programme benefits

  • Academically and professionally

    Study at an internationally prestigious university.

    Learn about other ways of studying and interpreting Law.

    Consolidate your mastery of the foreign languages studied through the programme or other languages!

    Exchange programmes abroad are highly valued by companies during selection processes and open the doors to an international career.

  • Personally

    Enjoy student life and the cultural activities at the university and city you choose.

    Establish bonds and friendships with students and faculty from other countries.

    Leave behind your family, friends and university to begin from scratch at another university, with the opportunity for personal growth this implies.

You can also complete your specialisation at ESADE

The exchange programme is optional. If you like, you can opt to complete your specialisation at ESADE alongside students from 26 different countries who choose to do their exchange programme at our university, making our campus decidedly international. Specialisation classes are taught entirely in English and are international in focus, thus helping you complete your transnational background and mastering English. Approximately 25% of Bachelor in Law programme students opt for this mode every year.

Consult the norm governing the exchange programme

“Being able to study for a semester in the U.S. is itself a great opportunity, but it’s even better to do so in a university as prestigious as Pennsylvania. It’s an experience that has far exceeded all my expectations. Amazing people, amazing places, and above all, new ideas and perspectives that will stay with me my whole life.”

María Armas

Bachelor in Law

“I carried out my exchange programme in London at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies. It was an unforgettable experience. Spending four months in such a cosmopolitan city and being able to study Transnational Law in classes with people from more than 15 different countries was truly enriching, so much so, in fact, that working in Spain is now just one more possibility amongst all the options available for a degree with international projection”.

Carlos Marcos

Bachelor in Law - 2014