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Economic and business vision

Economic and business vision: A plus for your CV

The ESADE Bachelor in Law programme includes subjects such as Economics and Business Administration from the very first year. Business and Law are closely intertwined, and being familiar with Finance, Micro and Macroeconomics, amongst other subjects, will give you a holistic view of the legal problems companies face so that you can provide them differentiated services.

Compulsory courses

Economics I

In this subject, you will study the basics of economic analysis of law, microeconomic analysis and the functioning of the markets. You will analyse the various market structures, the theory of incentives and the problems associated with information asymmetry.

On completion of this subject, you will be able to assess the economic aspects of laws and court decisions.


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Economics II

In this subject, you will learn to analyse a country’s macroeconomic situation. You will analyse the pros and cons of the application of various economic policies and, by studying tax law, gain an understanding of the macroeconomic consequences of changes in these policies.


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This subject will provide an introduction to the economic and financial reality of the business world. You will learn the basic concepts involved in preparing a company’s financial statements on the basis of accounting events and simple situations.


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Analysis of Financial Statements

A familiarity with accounting instruments and the ability to analyse them will be fundamental in your work with companies. On completion of this subject, you will be able to organise, read and interpret a balance sheet and profit and loss account, analyse a company’s assets and economic-financial position, define the ideal financial strategy, etc.


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Optional courses

Global Economics

Global Economics familiarises you with the evolution of international economic and trade relations while providing you with a better understanding of the setting in which companies operate around the world. You’ll study issues such as the globalisation process, economic and monetary integration and international economic organisations that promote economic governance, amongst others.


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Advanced Accounting

This class introduces you to the economic-financial reality within firms. You’ll learn about the basic accounting concepts when preparing corporate financial statements, all based on studying accounting events and simple situations.


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An education to further your professional opportunities

This economic perspective is key in all areas of Law today, though it is especially valuable if you opt to focus your career on corporate legal services, if you want to work for law firms specialising in managing corporate legal affairs or if you want to join a corporate legal department.

No matter what path you choose, both law firms and companies highly value the additional knowledge this focus provides.