Transversal education with added value

The Esade Degree in Law is designed so that you can acquire a differential legal training that includes transnational law, financial-business training, and specialised knowledge.

The study plan of the programme provides a transversal, multidisciplinary and global vision that that culminates in a specialisation in either private or public law. Starting in the first year, you will take subjects from the Bachelor in Law as well as other subjects related to the business world, such as Economics and Analysis of Financial Statements. . You can take all the optional subjects within a specialisation, or mix and match from different specialisations to freely define your legal profile. If you wish, you can also participate in international experiences such as summer programmes and moot court competitions.

Throughout the programme, our top-notch faculty will introduce you to the international legal world and guide you through a learning process in which your role will be 100% active, thanks to the Student First methodology.