Professional opportunities

A degree that opens doors to the most important organisations in the world

An ESADE degree in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order offers a multidisciplinary training that will enable you to expand your international options: as well as the professional opportunities in the world of global governance, you can take advantage of the opportunities produced by your track in global politics or global economics.

  • You will be able to offer answers to the legal, political, and economic problems encountered by organisations at an international level, with the added bonus of your specialisation in a geographical area of the world.

  • You can work as an expert in international politics, or international economics, in research think-tanks, consultancies, or companies, as well as public organisations.

  • You can embark on a diplomatic career, or join consular missions.

  • You will be able to join international organisations as an advisor: work in the UN, NATO, the World Bank, the European Union, or UNESCO, among others.

  • You can work as an analyst in foreign trade consortiums, or in non-governmental organisations.

Professional opportunities in Global Governance

Advisor in international organisations: EU, NATO, UN, WHO, and the World Bank

There are more than 66,000 international organisations you can work with as an expert advisor: you will have the necessary training to analyse transnational cases and provide advice on legal issues, geopolitics, and global economics – especially in your geographical area of specialisation. Some examples include:


North Atlantic Treaty Organization - NATO
United Nations Organization - UN
International Labor Organization - ILO
World Health Organization - WHO
World Bank
International Development Bank - IDB
European Union - EU
International Criminal Court - CFI
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD
European Free Trade Association - EFTA
Transparency International

Analyst for foreign trade consortiums

The figure of foreign trade analyst is fundamental in a globalised world. You can offer advice to exporting and importing companies and organisations, analyse trends, identify opportunities in emerging markets, and evaluate the viability of trade activities in an area. Your specialisation in a geographical area of the world will be a strong added value for companies that develop their activity in your area.

Political career

Your knowledge of law, international relations, geopolitics, and economics will enable you to develop a career in politics, or in ministries such as justice, foreign affairs, cooperation, and economics. Your track in international politics is a plus in a political career. 

NGO advisor

Non-governmental organisations need advisers with expertise in international relations, geopolitics, law, and economics, since their projects and activities are usually international.

If you feel a strong social commitment and are motivated to work on cooperation projects, then at the end of your degree course you can orient your studies towards occupying a position in an NGO. In addition, participating in the solidarity activities of the SUD will give you an initial experience in this field.

Diplomatic or consular career

Diplomats represent the state in all types of international relations. With degrees in law and global governance you will be able to study for public examinations that will enable you to work in an embassy or consulate. Your functions will include negotiating, protecting and caring for fellow citizens, fostering institutional relations, and obtaining information. 

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Professional opportunities for the Global Economics Track

Economic analyst

You can write studies on specific markets, advise on proposals for economic regulations, or conduct a macroeconomic analysis of a nation for governments, companies, or international organisations.

Consultant in international projects

You can advise and develop cooperation projects, or international economic projects, for organisations, governments, or NGOs. Offer your expertise in macroeconomics, industrial organisation and econometrics – especially in your geographical area of specialisation.

Investment banking advisor

You can advise on investments, stock markets, and value financial products for medium and large companies, as well as banks and governments, investment companies, investment advisers, insurers, and financial companies.

Research centres and economic analysis

You can work with centres and organisations dedicated to research and economic analysis – such as the IAE (Institute of Economic Analysis of the Spanish Research Council - CSIC) or the ICAE (Instituto Complutense de Análisis Económico). 

Multinational companies

Multinational companies need expert economic analysts to advise them on their activities around the world. Your multidisciplinary training combines economics, geopolitics, law, and international relations – and so offers a strong differential value.

Economic regulation

Governments, the International Monetary Fund, and the European Union have agencies dedicated to regulating and controlling markets. You can access positions in these organisations – although in some cases you must take entry exams.

Professional opportunities for the Global Politics Track

International political consultant

You can advise organisations and governments in the prevention and management of international conflicts and manage international development projects. You can also work in the interaction between public and private organisations, and in political relations between governments.

Political science research centres

You will be able to work with centres dedicated to research and political analysis: such as the IEE (Institute of European Studies); the ICPS (Institut de Ciències Politics i Socials); and the CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies).

Advisor in organisations for political analysis, or European Union organisations

The European Union has various bodies specialised in political studies. You can access positions in these organisations (in some cases, you must take entry exams). There are also research centres and external consultants who advise these organisations and governments.

Multinational organisations

Multinational organisations need expert political analysts with knowledge of economics and law to advise them on their activities worldwide. For these companies, your multidisciplinary training combining politics, law, and international relations is a strong differential value.

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