Inspiring Stories

Inspiring Stories

Each year we hear new stories of how ESADE students have succeeded in their time studying abroad. Many of these success stories take place in the world of international relations and global governance. Definitions of success vary from student to student: for some success is working in an international ONG, and success for others is working within NATO.  
Let yourself be inspired by some of these stories: they are examples of the professional opportunities that can open with a Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order.

Lucía Rico
Law degree and Master’s degree 

Lucia had dreamed of being a diplomat since she was a child. After studying at ESADE, she decided study for the diplomatic service entry exams, and after failing the first time, she continued studying until she passed. Today she is the representative of Spain in NATO and a clear example of what can be achieved ‘if you want something and work hard’ as she says. She dreamed of being a diplomat and has become a senior official at the international level.

And you? Where will your Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order take you?

Be inspired and remember: with ESADE, if you want, you can.