First year

Boston or New York

Boston College Law School - Boston

This summer programme involves a three-week immersion in which you will study American law and improve your skills in Legal English.


> You will study subjects such as Introduction to US Constitutional Law, the Administrative State, or Intellectual Property.

> You will take an intensive course on legal reasoning.

> You will participate in workshops and seminars on the American legal system.

> Participate in debates and complete individual work.

Outdoor activities:

You will learn at first-hand about the American legal system in several outdoor activities: visit Harvard Law School and Cambridge; visit the Museum of Fine Arts; visit a law firm and meet judges in their courts.

Boston College Law School

Length: 3 weeks

Programme: $2,850 or €2,605

Accommodation: $990 or €839

Flight tickets: approximately €500 return


Cardozo Law School - New York

In this summer programme you will immerse yourself in the American legal system and litigation practices through introductory seminars.


> You will study subjects such as judicial system and dual American government, and litigation and the development of disputes into cases, as well as analysing a common law case.

> You will deal with selected topics of American law: arms control; the death penalty; voting rights; and immigration.

Outdoor activities:

You will learn about legal cases and the operation of the US legal profession in a series of interesting outdoor activities: a half-day at The Innocence Project (an organisation that works to free wrongly convicted prisoners); as well as an intensive training programme for lawyers. You will also visit courts, and a city law firm.

Cardozo Law School

Length: 2 weeks

Programme: Price included in registration

Accommodation: $850 - approximately €750

Flight tickets: approximately €800 return