Professional internships

Your first work experience: In top level international organisations

Imagine working in the United Nations offices in New York or Nairobi, or for NATO in Brussels. These are some of the internship options in international organisations that you can take in the fourth year of the Bachelor in Global Governance. You can enter the professional world by starting a working semester in Spanish embassies or general consulates related to your specialisation in political science or economics. This is undoubtedly the best way to train and gain experience.

You can also gain work experience related to the specialisation you have chosen in multinational companies, law offices, or research and analysis centres: such as the European Court of Auditors, the World Bank, UNESCO, or chambers of commerce.

Geographical zones where work experience has been gained

Consulates and embassies where ESADE students have gained work experience

Consulate-General in San Francisco | UN New York (1st period) | Embassy in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) | UNESCO in Paris | Embassy in London | Embassy in Tokyo | Embassy in Canberra | Embassy in Rome | Consulate-General Miami | Consulate-General Boston | Embassy in Dakar | Embassy in Dublin | UN New York (2nd period) | Consulate-General in Havana, Cuba | Embassy in Praia (Cape Verde) | Consulate-General in Sao Paulo | Consulate-General in London (July-October) | Embassy in Luanda | Consulate-General in Chicago | Embassy in Singapore | Consulate-General in Rome | Embassy in Seoul

Algunos organismos de Naciones Unidas donde puedes realizar tus prácticas

(ICJ) International Court of Justice, The Hague (Netherlands)

Office of the United Nations in New York, Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna

(OHCHR) Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva (Switzerland)

(ITC) International Trade Center, Geneva

(UNHCR) High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees, Geneva or other offices

UN Women, New York (USA)

(WFP) World Food Program, Rome (Italy)

(UNV) United Nations Volunteers, Bonn (Germany)             

(WTO) World Trade Organization, Geneva

(WHO) World Health Organization, Geneva or other offices

(WB) World Bank, Washington DC (United States) and regional headquarters

(IMF) International Monetary Fund, Washington DC

Work experience keypoints

  • You will learn at first hand the day to day work of an international organisation.

  • You will hold a real job with responsibilities and functions.

  • You can apply everything learned in the degree.

  • You will acquire skills and abilities that are only learned by exercising your profession.

  • You will be able to show professional experience on your CV.