Debate leagues

Compete in the main debate leagues

Competing in various debate leagues is a perfect way to practise and learn. At ESADE, you will have the opportunity to do it from the very first year.

To participate, you must first complete the specific training offered through the Bachelor in Global Governance, focused on constructing and presenting arguments, critical reasoning, research and public speaking. Following the course, students are selected for the teams and begin to prepare for the leagues in which they decide to compete.

Some of the leagues our students have competed in:

> Xarxa Vives league

> Unijés league

> UFV league

> Judiciary leagues


2015 Success Stories:

> Finalists in two judiciary leagues

> Best public speaker and two honourable mentions

> Two students, Sofía Espízua and Clara Amat, selected to compete in Strasbourg with other candidates from across Spain

Key points of the debate leagues

Put classroom knowledge into practice

Publicly debate ideas

Develop your research skills and learn more effective ways to search for information

Become a better public speaker

Learn to formulate quick and agile responses


An experience that closely resembles actual legal practice