Global Economics or Global Politics

Economics or political science? Choose your specialisation

With the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order you can choose between specialising in international politics, or international economics. In the first year, you will be introduced to subjects from both areas, and so by the second year, you will have enough experience to choose the track that best suits your interests and career plans.

Both tracks share common subjects, such as the simulation of a United Nations model, international security, the influence of financial markets on society, economics, and international public law.

Taking one of these tracks means acquiring an extra specialisation that will enable you to expand your professional opportunities: you can develop your career in the world of politics or the international economy, both in international organisations and related consultancies, organisations, and companies.

Global Economics

Become an expert in international economics

In this track, you specialise in the key subjects for understanding how the world economy works.

You will obtain the knowledge and tools needed to make an economic analysis, such as statistical analysis or mathematics applied to economics. When finished, you will be ready to make a variety of economic analyses: including evaluating a proposed economic regulation; analysing a given market; or making a macroeconomic analysis of a nation.  

Your knowledge will acquire greater depth each year: you will learn how to make an in-depth analysis of a specific market; describe the effects of market regulations; and test hypotheses using real data.


Subject: quantitative methods in economics

Mathematics applied to economic analysis




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Subject: Models and economic analysis

International economics

Industrial organisation

Advanced macroeconomics

Financial markets and financial valuation


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Global Politics

Understanding world politics

This specialisation covers political science and globalisation, international politics, and conflict management, as well as geopolitics and natural resources.

You will learn from a practical point of view how international conflicts are prevented, and how international development projects are managed.

In the advanced stage of the track, you will learn the different options for interaction between public and private organisations, and analyse interactions between the political and economic forces.


Subject: Political science and globalisation

Quantitative methods in political science 

Global political economy 

Public and private governance 


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Subject: International politics and conflict management

International development

International conflict management


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Subject: Geopolitics and natural resources

Natural resources and geopolitical strategies

Climate geopolitics


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