Meet your lecturers: Experts and professionals who will connect you with the reality of the profession

The faculty of the Bachelor in Global Governance, Economic & Legal Order guarantees you a training that is totally connected with the reality of the world of international relations. ESADE lecturers will give differential value to your training and experience because:

They are academic experts and active professionals
They have developed their profession in all areas of global governance: they teach practical cases, they will show you the reality of international relations, and explain their knowledge and experience.

They are accessible
They are accessible and available: they will facilitate contacts, help you organise your studies, help in the selection processes, and in your adaptation to university life.

They will bring out the best in you
They will help you maximise those qualities and skills that will help you stand out in your professional future.

They will be your first network of contacts
They will be your direct contact with the professional world – and not only during the four years that classes last at ESADE, but throughout your career.

Lecturers and researchers at ESADEGeo: centre for expertise in geopolitics

The Bachelor includes subjects and seminars taught by ESADEGeo lecturers and researchers. ESADEGeo is a centre specialised in the analysis of global governance and dedicated to the study of globalisation and its impact on organisations.

ESADEgeo is chaired by a key figure in Spanish, European, and international politics: Javier Solana, former secretary general of NATO (1995-1999) and high representative of the Council for Common Foreign and Security Policy of the EU (1999- 2009), among other positions.