Multidisciplinary and highly specialised

The Esade Bachelor in Global Governance, Economics & Legal Order has been designed so that you can master the many subjects that are essential for an expert in international relations, and at the same time, you can acquire highly specialised knowledge in specific areas.

The syllabus prepares you for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and global vision; and offers you specialised training since it includes a specialisation track in political science or economic sciences, and a specialisation in a geographical area of ​​the world. In the first year, you will start with the subjects of global governance, economics, and law; while the specialist tracks are introduced in the second year and continue until the fourth. 

A team of top-level lecturers will put you in touch with the reality of the international world; and by using the Student First methodology, the lecturers will accompany you in a learning process in which you will have a 100% active role.