Your professional profile

Become a professional with a global outlook and great added value

The ESADE Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) will prepare you to begin your career with solid knowledge and added skills. In addition to your education in Management, you’ll have knowledge of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Digital Innovation. You’ll also master several foreign languages and have international and work experience. You’ll be able to comfortably make decisions and you will have developed the leadership and communication skills which the professional world values highly. Without doubt, upon completing this programme, your CV will reflect a professional profile that will set you apart from others in recruitment processes.

This Will Be Your Professional Profile

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

    With the prestige of an ESADE education, an international byword for quality in the business world.

  • Specialist Functional Knowledge

    Of Marketing, Finance, Operations, HR and Digital Innovation.

  • Languages

    Mastery of business English + Spanish + French or German.

  • International Experience

    Accredited by your exchange university abroad.

  • Professional Experience

    Recognised by the company where you did your internship.

  • Contacts

    Faculty, classmates in Spain and abroad, and the ESADE Alumni network.

  • Volunteer Work Experience
  • Specialisation Master or Double Degree

    If you complete an MSc Programme in Management, CEMS MIM or Double Degree.

  • Skills That Set You Apart

    A rounded skill-set that gives you an advantage in the recruitment process.

Qualities and Skills That Will Make You Stand Out

During the four years of the Degree in Business Management, you will work on the skills essential for developing a successful career. These skills are highly valued by companies in their selection processes and all of our graduates learn these skills by the end of the course.

Your skills

Decision-making: you can make intelligent, informed choices.

Communication and public speaking: you know how to make your case convincingly.

Leadership and teamwork: you can get the best from others, and yourself.

Negotiation: you can mediate and manage conflicts.

Hardworking and Dedicated: you’re ready to get the job done.

Proactive: you’re prepared to take the initiative.

Competency Model

You’ll work on 20 competencies organised in five key blocks:

Creativity and Innovation: You’ll have the ability to initiate and manage change.

Flexibility and Adaptability: You’ll adapt positively to situations and settings.

Strength and Resilience: You’ll rise to challenges and thrive under pressure.

Self-knowledge: You’ll understand your abilities and how to bring out the best in yourself.

Social Commitment: You’ll share ESADE’s commitment to social responsibility.