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At ESADE, there are as many success stories as there are students. Every year, a new class joins the more than 60,000 ESADE alumni currently pursuing their careers around the world and occupying positions of responsibility in all sorts of companies and sectors. For some of them, success means creating a tech startup in Silicon Valley. For others, it means becoming an executive at an investment fund. And for others, it means renewing the world of e-commerce through proposals that promote innovation in the market.

Here you can learn more about their stories and draw inspiration from them: they are examples of the career opportunities that ESADE’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) can open up to you.


Andrés Cester, Marc Olmedillo and Sergi Bastardas
Creators of THE COLVIN CO
Online flower business

At just 24 years of age, Andrés, Marc and Sergi set out to revolutionise the online flower business through the website of THE COLVIN CO. They had a clear business idea: flowers bought online should not wilt so quickly, and people should rediscover the magic of buying and sending flowers. Therefore, they decided to use only local suppliers and sell only freshly cut flowers (traditional flower shops sell flowers cut about 15 days earlier, from faraway places like Kenya and Colombia). The result? A company that’s growing by 60% a week and has executives from Amazon, Google and Sitka Capital among its roster of investors.


Ariadna Masó
Associate Director of Barings

After completing the Bachelor of Business Administration at ESADE, Ariadna decided to focus her career on the investment world. At age 28, fuelled by her desire to build a better world, Ariadna was included in “30 Under 30”, Forbes magazine’s list of the 30 most influential young people. Her achievement? Closing investment deals worth $200 million in growth companies across Europe. Ariadna says that ESADE provided the tools and skills she needed to overcome the challenges she has faced. Today, she is an associate director at the Barings investment fund.


María Alegre
Co-founder and CEO of ChartBoost

During the Bachelor of Business Administration, María spent a semester abroad in Michigan (USA), where she discovered the American GO FOR IT! philosophy. This fit right in with her desire to start a business, so she travelled to Silicon Valley to learn more and created a startup called ChartBoost. Today, she has a team of 150 people working at the company’s headquarters in Silicon Valley and its offices in Amsterdam, Japan and Barcelona. ChartBoost now reaches a billion gamers each month.

What about you? Where will the Bachelor of Business Administration take you?

Take inspiration from these alumni, and remember: with ESADE, if you want to, you can.