Learn Languages at ESADE

The ESADE Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme will prepare you to work anywhere in the world. When you graduate, you’ll have an international perspective on business and extensive language skills. Your BBA curriculum will include Spanish and business English lessons, plus classes in French or German.

Enhance your foreign language training

Business English

You can perfect your business English in this course, which connects with themes and cases studied in other classes across the curriculum.

1st year: research and expansion of business English vocabulary, mainly through written work.

2nd year: introduction of English speaking practice.

3rd year: in-depth practical work on being persuasive during negotiations, debates, project presentations and more.

Compulsory Spanish Courses

Your curriculum will also include compulsory Spanish courses, ranging in level from beginner to advanced. You’ll start with the Modern Language I course and learn to understand, speak, read and write basic Spanish that’s applicable both in business environments and in daily life. Over the course of the programme, you’ll progress to Español 5, which focuses on becoming fluent and understanding the cultural context of the language.

Living and Spain and practicing the language outside the classroom will accelerate your learning and enrich your ESADE experience.

French or German

Study French or German for up to six hours per week. Your teachers will be native speakers and class sizes are small to maximise effectiveness. You’ll learn essential business vocabulary and develop key skills, such as the ability to confidently negotiate in the language you choose.

Classes consist of:

Mini-case planning




Public speaking

Persuasive presentations

BEC: Business English Certificate

Sit the internationally recognized BEC exam to certify your level of business English. ESADE can help you prepare for the BEC before you finish your degree.

The BEC consists of three levels: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher. With the knowledge and abilities you acquire during the business English lessons of the Bachelor of Business Administration programme, you will be able to take and pass the Higher exam with confidence.

ESADE is a Cervantes Institute-accredited institution:

The only International accreditation for centers teaching Spanish as a foreign language to provide:

- International recognition 
- Promotion of academic programs across an international network
- Feedback on center activity 
- Commitment to quality and continuous improvement

This accreditation guarantees, among others, the following key aspects:

- Qualified teachers 
- A curriculum that ensures adequate progress in learning Spanish 
- A methodology adapted to student needs 
- Regularly evaluation of courses and programs
- An effective process of student guidance and evaluation
- The promotion of student participation in the DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera / Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language) examination within the center (ESADE is an examination center) 
- An efficient student feedback process