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TalentTorch: Taking your talent far

At ESADE, we know that secondary school is a time of major growth and that your students look to you for guidance when they are planning their academic future. That’s why we have created the TalentTorch campaign, a special action plan for counsellors, intended to give you the resources and tools you need to advise them. For an entire year, we will join forces with you to help both you and your students get to know ESADE and all the bright prospects it offers in detail

Working with you to take the torch

The TalentTorch campaign consists of multiple initiatives throughout the year, including: 

The “ESADE Day” Experience (Counsellor Day)

The ESADE DAY Experience is an open day for counsellors and your students to rediscover ESADE together.


ESADE talks at your school

With these talks, we come to you to tell your students about our bachelor degree programmes and their strengths, answer their questions, orient them with regard to prospective careers, and tell them about our campuses and daily life at ESADE. 

Invitations to events for Pre-University Students

We will keep you up to date on the informative events and activities for pre-university students held throughout the year: open days, classes from the Come to a class programme, the Summer School for pre-university students, etc. 

Regular information

We provide you with literature about all our bachelor degree programmes and keep you apprised of any new programme features and all the events we hold throughout the year (open days, master classes, etc.).