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The Admissions process

The Admissions process step-by-step

Admission Process for September 2020: You can now fill out your online application! The process will be open until June 2020, if there were still places available.

1. Complete the admissions application

To begin the admissions process, you have to complete the online admissions application for the ESADE undergraduate programme in which you’re interested.


Before completing and forwarding your application, you have to pay the corresponding 135-euro application fee. Said fee is completely non-refundable.


Important: Please read the admissions application instructions carefully before completing it.


This document contains the information you need to complete the online application: how to register, how to save your information before sending it, etc.


You are required to read this document before beginning the admissions process. 

2. Attach the required documents

When completing your online admissions application, you also have to upload the documents detailed below for us to be able to evaluate your application:


Photocopy of your Spanish ID document in JPEG format (Spanish applicants)


1 passport-size photo 


Final academic transcript for the following academic years:


  1. If you’re studying in Spain or in a Spanish-system school:
  · 3rd and 4th-year compulsory secondary education (ESO) and first-year A-levels/baccalaureate: final academic transcript
  · Second-year A-levels/baccalaureate: marks on any evaluations carried out until the date you apply to ESADE for admission.


*Important: if admitted, you will be required to present the originals of all the documents (not scanned) that you presented (scanned) as part of the application. 


  2. If studying abroad or in a foreign educational system in Spain:

  · The transcript of all your marks for the last four years of secondary education completed up until the time of your application. 


Official accreditation of English level (TOEFL, Cambridge, IELTS, Michigan, etc.) if available.


Photo: characteristics and format

Please remember that your photo has to be in JPEG format and meet the following requirements:
· Size: 256 pixels tall by 192 pixels wide (19mm x 16mm). 
· The photo has to be recent and in colour of your face
· You have to be looking forward with a plain white background.

3. Sit the admissions test for your degree

You have to successfully pass an admissions test to be able to study at ESADE. You have several options: 


ESADE admissions test

Click here to learn more about ESADE’s own admissions test. Bear in mind that, if requesting to sit the ESADE admissions test, you will be assigned the first available date. If you’d like to change said date, please contact Admissions (admissions@esade.edu).


Check here all the details of the test.

Other admissions tests

When applying for admission to any of our programmes, you can also sit the SAT (Scholarship Aptitude Test) or ACT: two internationally-recognised admissions tests used by the world’s most prestigious universities.
If you choose either of these options, please have your results sent directly to ESADE Business/Law school using one of the following codes:


> ACT Code 6922 
> SAT  Designated institution code (DI) SAT 7073


All these admissions tests serve to measure your language skills, logic and basic mathematical skills acquired at school or elsewhere. They primarily test your ability to reason more than your memory.


Check here all the details of the SAT and the ACT.

4. Admissions Committee

ESADE Admissions Committee


After completing the corresponding admissions test and forwarding the required documents, the ESADE Admissions Committee will examine all the information provided and assess your application. 


What criteria do we use to determine if we accept your application to study at ESADE? 


We’re looking for students who are intellectually inquisitive and curious, with initiative and an entrepreneurial spirit; they want to learn and work in an international, diverse and plural setting; they are motivated and want to develop their full potential; they are collaborative and enjoy teamwork; and they are responsible leaders who are socially committed.


To determine if candidates meet ESADE’s admission requirements, the Admissions Committee will analyse the following for each individual applicant:


> Admissions application
> Academic transcript
> Results from the ESADE or SAT/ACT admissions test
> Results from the English language test
> Personal interview (if required)


All of these have equal weight when determining the results of the admissions process. The final  decision to admit students will depend on each candidate’s individual, overall evaluation compared to that of all the candidates and depending on the number of spaces available


Personal interview


In some cases, the Admissions Committee may require additional information from candidates. If this is your case, the committee will request a personal interview.

5. Reserve your spot

ESADE receives many more applications for its undergraduate degree programmes than there are places available. That’s why it’s important to reserve your place when your application has been accepted. 


When to book your place
Approximately three weeks after receiving notification that you have been admitted, though this will depend on the moment during the year in which you’re admitted.


Fee to reserve your place
25% of the total course tuition fee. (Check the tuition fee of your chosen programme)


Scholarships and Loans
Remember that ESADE has an excellent programme of scholarships plus loan agreements with leading financial institutions. Check the scholarships and loans pages of this website for further details.

6. Pay your tuition

Enrolment and tuition for ESADE undergraduate programme


> 2nd-year A-levels/baccalaureate 100% approved
> University entrance exam (PAU) successfully passed



If you’ve been admitted to ESADE, have successfully passed the second-year of A-levels/baccalaureate (or its equivalent in your respective educational system) and have passed the university entrance exam in June, you will have to enrol in the corresponding ESADE undergraduate programme.


As you will have already paid 25% of the tuition fee for your degree when reserving your spot at the end of June, you will have to pay the remaining 75% to be able to finalise your enrolment.


When to do it: Early July


Cost: 75% of tuition (Consult tuition fees for your programme here)


Scholarships and student loans: Remember that ESADE has an excellent scholarship programme as well as financing agreements with leading banking institutions. Details are available in the corresponding section on this website. Find out more and apply for your scholarship or loan: 58% of our students can complete their studies thanks to scholarships or favourable loans.

International Candidates

Students from other countries must also complete their visa application and have their qualifications officially recognised.