Global Governance Summer Programme


A multidisciplinary summer course

Global political economy + International Organizations + Geopolitics + Geoeconomics + Ethics in Global Governance

Today there is an ever-growing demand for experts in international affairs. Global companies and institutions are looking for professionals who can explain the most important international economic, political and legal issues. With the Global Governance Certificate, you can hone your expertise in matters of international relevance in just four weeks, focusing especially on Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, and increase your options for a successful global career.

Introduction to law

You will enter the world of criminal law and, after preparation with your classmates, role-play in a mock trial.

In addition, you will learn legalese (legal English) and experience how real law firms work. Finally, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of one of three specific areas of law (Food & Pharma Law, Fashion Law, or Law 4.0).

Business training

Learn the basics of marketing, and its contribution to the business world, by discussing real cases and success stories. In addition, you will be trained in the basic concepts of economics and analyse its impact on society and political events (such as Brexit, or the election of Trump).

Introduction to international relations, politics, and diplomacy

By studying recent global events, you will learn how the international order works, how it is designed, and the importance of international organisations in the globalised world. You will be introduced to the key issues of international geopolitics and global governance – and have the chance to participate in a simulation of a United Nations session (optional subject).

Skills development

You will work on skills such as leadership, public speaking, negotiating, persuasion, and communicating with people from different cultures.


English course: Debating in English

You can supplement your programme classes with English classes based on language practice through debates and role-playing. In both cases, the teacher will propose several discussion topics or situations to be solved so that students can choose the one they find most interesting.

You will have the opportunity to become more fluent, hone your formal English skills and weed out common grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation mistakes through the corrections the teacher will make during the sessions.


Global Political Economy

The course covers the evolution of international and transnational economic relations. Students will gain a deep understanding of the main economic debates of our age.

International Organizations

The course will explore how International Organizations developed, their institutional structure, membership and decision-making processes, and the responses they are providing to address global challenges.


Geopolitics is a field of study that examines the interplay between politics, power and geography (human and physical -territory, resources, strategic access).


Spanish Language course.


Is a rising field of study that can be approached in at least three different ways: 1) the interplays between economic phenomena and geopolitics, 2) the increasing economic tools that states are using to achieve its political objectives and 3) how geography can be linked to economic imperatives and trends at national, regional and global levels.

Ethics in Global Governance

Study of Ethics as the guiding principle of Global Governance.

International Security

Peace and war studies; new forms of crisis and conflict; controversial military interventions; international terrorism; conflict regions and the specific internal transformations in security and defence activities.


Global Governance Seminar: Asia / Latin America / Middle East / Africa

Seminars for the study of the most relevant legal, political and economic issues of the different geographical areas of the world.