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PhD in Management Sciences

Why do a PhD in Management at Esade?

The increasing sophistication of the practice of management and the rising complexity of global business generates demand for experts in management.

We are looking for candidates that have a passion for research and have the ambition to become leading scholars in their field.

Doctoral training at Esade provides rigorous training with courses that cover a wide range of topics and research methods. You will also work closely with your supervisor.

Esade is one of the leading business schools in international rankings (Financial Times, Business Week, The Economist, Forbes). Esade is home to faculty and students from all around the globe and offers a rigorous and international environment to hone skills that will help them to pursue an international career in research.

We welcome candidates from various disciplines (Management, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Sociology and other disciplines related to management) who are highly motivated, enthusiastic about the creation of new knowledge, and interested in pursuing an international career in research.

If your share our passion for research and our ambition, we encourage you to take a closer look at our PhD program. We look forward welcoming you at Esade.

  • Vicenta Sierra

    Director, PhD in Management Sciences

“Esade provided me with a richly multi-cultural, and intensely stimulating intellectual environment to develop myself as a researcher and academic. Moreover, we were able to leverage its partnerships with other elite institutions to access opportunities to study as visiting scholars elsewhere within Spain, Europe and the Americas - opportunities that would have otherwise been hard to come by. In brief, and in my humble opinion, if you truly desire to become a well-grounded researcher, academic or policy influencer, then Esade is for you”

Benard Ngoye

PhD in Management Sciences - 2018

Faculty Member of Institute of Healthcare Management at Strathmore Business School, Kenya

"The PhD program of ESADE has offered me a rounded education covering different theoretical and methodological perspectives, a multi-cultural and highly supportive group of colleagues with which to learn, as well as the opportunity to pursue my research interests and forge international collaborations"

Myrto Chliova

PhD in Management Sciences - 2015

Aalto University, Finland Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

“Having accomplished the PhD Programme at ESADE has allowed me to daily learn from and work hand in hand with internationally-recognized experts on research methods, leadership development and organizational psychology. Surrounded by an amazing intercultural atmosphere that continuously fosters personal and social development, I was also awarded to complete visiting periods at other excelling institutions like Columbia University and the Weatherhead School of Management, shaping further strategic research bonds."

Leticia Mosteo

PhD in Management Sciences - 2015

Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Lecturer at International Business School Intebus

"The ESADE PhD programme has helped me to develop qualitative and quantitative methodological skills that have allowed me to grow as a researcher and to publish in highly-regarded journals. It has provided me with the opportunity to work with multicultural and multidisciplinary scholars in a friendly and supportive environment. It has also offered me many teaching opportunities across different programmes that have enabled me to develop my pedagogical skills. All in all, I highly recommend the ESADE PhD programme to all those pursuing a successful academic career in Management Sciences."

Stefan Markovic

PhD in Management Sciences - 2016

Copenhagen Business School Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing

"The ESADE PhD programme is truly unique of its kind due to its highly dynamic, supportive, friendly, and incredibly multicultural environment. The programme gives you the freedom to explore, and to be creative with your research. Moreover, ESADE has high-profile and diverse board of faculty and PhD candidates, where everyone is very collegial and accessible and willing to listen to your ideas. ESADE has helped me to grow as a researcher, and to develop strong pedagogical skills by teaching at BBA, MSc, and the prestigious ESADE MBA programme"

Mohammad Ghaderi

PhD in Management Sciences - 2017

Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) and Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business

"Why do a PhD at ESADE? While many of my peers will emphasize the research skills that you acquire at ESADE, my testimony will be about your life story. On our first day of class at ESADE, we started by narrating our life story as an introduction to epistemology for social sciences. Doing so we were not really aware how the next couple of years at ESADE were going to transform us and shape our future life stories. You start as an individual citizen from a country and join a community of researchers from all over the world who are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and a sustainable society. Diversity, freedom, and integrity: This is why you should do a PhD at ESADE."

Georges Samara

PhD in Management Sciences - 2018

American University of Beirut Assistant Professor

Official Programme


Course Details

Duration of course: 3 academic years
Start date: September 
Schedule: Full Time
Language: English
Degree: Doctor por la Universitat Ramon Llull.
Campus: ESADE Barcelona-Sant Cugat
Participants' profile: Participants must have an interest in research in addition to excellent academic transcripts. The program is open to graduates from any discipline who aim to make significant theoretical and methodological contributions to Management Research 
Admissions ProcessThe admission process starts in September and finishes at the end of May