Academic objectives

The programme's academic goals are focused on participants acquiring the following competencies and skills:

  • 1

    To be able to analyze and formulate relevant research questions, that aim at making significant contributions to their field of research.    

  • 2

    To conceptualize and implement with rigor research designs and methodologies that allow them to contribute to expand the frontiers of knowledge in their research field.

  • 3

    To effectively and clearly communicate orally and in writing, participate in international conferences, collaborate in international research groups and publish in top journals.

  • 4

    To be able to hold positions in leading academic and research institutions, lead R & D+I projects.

  • 5

    To be able to work effectively with other people from different ethnic, educational, and work experience backgrounds. 

  • 6

    To demonstrate an understanding and concern for the ethical standards in management research, teaching, and service. 

Programme Regulations

Requirements for continuing in the PhD in Management Sciences

Programme Regulations describe the admission requirements, structure of the programme, grades, requirements for continuing in the programme, withdrawal and leaves of absence, qualification awarded, calendar and attendance, discipline, board of academic affairs, commissions, notifications and announcements, and, assessment and evaluation criteria for the programme.

The research proposal is assessed by a monitoring committee formed by two professors or researchers on the corresponding area.

The ESADE academic doctoral commission aim to guarantee and maintain the quality of the PhD thesis and the PhD program.

The Direction of the PhD in Management Sciences holds annually meetings with the PhD candidates and PhD representatives. Any incidence or requirement concerning the candidate’s evolution or the PhD program is analyzed and solved in the ESADE academic doctoral commission.


  • Internal regulations

    (PhD in Management Sciences) 

  • End of the 1st Academic Year - PhD research proposal guidelines file

    Submission of a Research proposal (approved and signed) by the PhD supervisor

  • Document on doctoral activities


Requirements for depositing and defending the PhD thesis

The documents that must be submitted to the ESADE academic doctoral commission are:

1. Supervisor Authorization

2. PhD Candidate Form

3. Master of Research Diploma

4. The PhD Candidate agreed with his/her supervisor has to send a copy of the PhD Thesis and a PhD Committee members proposal (3 members + 2 substitutes)

5. Abstract of the thesis in three languages English, Spanish and Catalan.

6. Feedback report of the 3 members of the committee

7. PhD Candidate response to the feedback (if required)

8. TDX Agreement

9. Specific regulations for those PhD Candidates who want to apply for the Mention of International Doctor
The Doctoral Thesis will be submitted to the University Ramon Llull, where the Doctoral Committee will have to give its approval for the defence.