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Career Acceleration Programmes

Looking for a specific career in Finance, Consulting, TMT or Healthcare?

Esade Career Acceleration Programmes (CAPs) give you the knowledge, market insights and tools needed for successful careers in specific industries. These hands-on programmes offer case competitions, valuation challenges and on-campus company interactions that draw on your newly acquired knowledge.


Investment and Private Banking  ·  Consulting  ·  Technological Disruption  ·  Future of Healthcare


CAP in Investment and Private Banking

The Career Acceleration Programme in Investment and Private Banking prepares you for a career in the financial services industry after your MBA.

Intense technical training on valuation and modelling is followed by a series of technical case workshops. You’ll also attend master classes on trends and career opportunities given by experts from investment banking, private equity and private banking.

You’ll simulate a real valuation process by role-playing a company and private equity firm on the sell- and buy-side. Tutors will help you prepare for your final group presentations. You’ll also benefit from focused interview preparation with individual feedback.

CAP in Consulting

The Career Acceleration Programme in Consulting gives you the tools, connections, and insights to boost your employability in the industry.

You’ll take part in powerful master classes, which deliver knowledge into subjects including the generic role of a recently hired consultant and how to have a successful long-term career in consulting. You’ll also attend practical sessions (such as case cracking and case competitions), as well as company interactions such as on-campus presentations.

CAP in Technological Disruption

The new Career Acceleration Programme in Technological Disruption comprises a weekly series of talks from professionals plus practical sessions for a group of around 30 MBA students. These will address technologies that are rapidly changing the world we live in and are enabling companies to grow in non-traditional ways.

You’ll meet professionals working for companies across sectors who have a focus on new technologies, their impact and their ability to disrupt and to create new opportunities.

By the end you’ll be prepared to use these insights when applying to jobs in sectors that are being influenced by disruption. You’ll learn how technology and disruption is transforming business and what skills, knowledge, ethics and attitudes are required in this new era.

Subjects include: Artificial Intelligence; Blockchain; Data science & big data; Digital thinking; Digital transformation; Fintech, edutech & healthtech; The Internet Of Things (IOT) & the industrial internet; Open innovation; The cloud; The next 20 years of business & technology; Using data to drive a decision; Technological advances and impacts for the automotive industry; Virtual augmented mixed reality (xr).

CAP in the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare is the world’s largest industry – and one of the fastest changing. An ageing global population, empowered patients, and technological progress are having an impact across all segments of the sector. Demand is growing for talented MBA graduates in areas including MedTech, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, hospitals and medical devices.

The new Career Acceleration Programme in the Future of Healthcare gives you the knowledge you need to reach your professional goals in the sector. Through panels with experts, networking sessions, company visits and case studies, you will deepen your understanding and open up new career paths. The programme covers topics including trends and challenges for the future, the impact of digitisation, careers for MBA graduates, global corporate M&A activity, how to encourage pharmaceutical innovation, examples of successful best practice, the internationalisation of the healthcare sector and more.