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ESADE Alumni Network

A Global Community of 70,000+ Professionals

The ESADE Alumni Network is the biggest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It comprises over 70,000 members across 118 countries and it continues to grow. As an alumnus, you’ll unlock lifelong opportunities to learn, network and expand your career horizons. You’ll meet current and future leaders of top companies and gain direct access to invaluable contacts in every sector. Twenty functional and sector-specific clubs link alumni with interests in a particular area.

ESADE alumni

And the benefits don’t stop with networks and contact-building

Looking to take the next career step? Alumni career support is there to help you. Want to stay on top of the game? Refresher programmes, online sessions, e-conferences and publications will keep you plugged into the latest developments in business management. Ready to step into entrepreneurship? A comprehensive programme of activities, services and resources will help you make your start up a success.

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And of course, you can pass it forward. As an alumnus, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences through our mentorship programme. Your lessons can help the next generation of ESADE graduates – just as you’ll be helped by current alumni.

Quick facts

  • 64

    international chapters

  • 18,000

    members living abroad

  • 20

    functional and sector-specific clubs

  • 3,000

    alumni attend annual reunion