Tech and Media

Tech and Media Club

Who we are:

The Technology & Media Club aims to foster a collaborative learning environment among our peers interested in technology, and to support the professional development and success of ESADE MBA students targeting the technology, telecom, media, and entertainment industries.


President: Jan-Hendrik Mautsch
VP of Finance: Ana Vasconcelos
VP of Research: Christian Loewe
VP of Marketing: Christine Perez Soler
VP of Careers: Federica Trilli
VP of Engagement: Humberto Ataide
VP of Organization: Santiago Guerrero
VP of Communications: Melissa Incera
VP of Innovation: Nathaniel Mcgee
VP of Strategic Alliances: Petar Georgijev
VP of Strategy: René Scheele
VP of Knowledge & Development: Tarun Tampi

What we do:

> We organize activities like talks, workshops, and company treks, in order to expand our networks and get the latest insights from industry practitioners.

> Additionally, we also leverage the available talent at the ESADE MBA and learn from our peers by having them lead workshops and trainings.

Why you should join us:

Join us if you are passionate about technology or media and want to be at the forefront of the latest trends and developments in the field.