Sports Business

Sports Business Club


President: Claudio Decurtins
Executive VP: Nico Alomar
VPs of Careers: Peter Georgijev & Nico Stone
VP of Finance: Matteo Gheno
VP of Events: Katie Laughlin
VPs of Communications and Media: Francesca Saettone & Arviendra Wijaya

What do we do

> To expose ESADE MBA & MSC students to the diverse and global sports business industry.

> Networking with the local and international community.

> Inviting guest speakers to provide insights on trends & opportunities in the industry.

> Visiting major sporting companies to learn more about the industry.

> Ultimately provide sports career opportunities for members of the club.

> Plan 1-2 treks to sporting hub cities.

Why should you join us

Do you have a passion for sports? Do you want to work in the Sports industry? Would you like the opportunity to visit and hear speakers from some of the major sports companies? If so, this is the club for you!