Net Impact Club

Net Impact Club

Who we are:

Net Impact is a closely-knit student body driving social and environmental change through business. The club provides hands-on experience and knowledge transfer to students interested in social and environmental change. We collaborate with key players in the fields of social investment and social enterprise, and provide resources and guidance to anyone wishing to pursue a career with sustainable impact.


President: Dan Sussman
VP of Communications: Ciara O’Buchalla
VP of Community Outreach: Diego Alfageme
VP of Education: Leah Heck
VP of Engagement: Edoardo Gregotti
VP of Entrepreneurial Enterprises: Ayush Rastogi
VP of Events: Mahmoud Elsobki
VP of Networking: Carlos Serra

What do we do:

We are creating a new generation of leaders equipped with the skills and understanding to drive social and environmental change on a truly global scale. We build a network of likeminded individuals and organize various events in line with our agenda to foster career opportunities.

> Case competitions
> Company visits
> Workshops
> Guest speaker sessions
> Treks

Why should you join us:

It is not just about charity, Net Impact is relevant in all careers and industries, it is about making a difference and instilling good practices throughout all aspects of business.