President: Simon Ovadia
VP of Careers: Jens Jensen
VP of Communications: Simone Ding
VP of Events: Hugo Lara
VP of Finance: Madeleine Zerbato
VP of Allies Relations: Ciara O’Buachalla
VP of Bachelor Connect: David Moral
VP of Masters Connect: Daniel Bermejo

Who we are:

The LGBTQ+ Business Club aims to promote a positive visibility of the LGBTQ community and create a safe environment on campus, open professional opportunities at inclusive companies, expand our networks at ESADE and with other business schools, and give back to the at risk LGBTQ community. 

Why should you join us:

Vision: Our vision is to establish a strong LGBTQ community formed by students, allies, staff and alumni from the MBA, MsC, and BBA programs at ESADE Business School.

Mission: To create an open and inclusive community at ESADE Business School for LGBTQ students, staff, and allies and enhance ESADE’s value of diversity.