Asia Business

Asia Business Club

Who we are:

Asia, which accounts for almost half of the world population and the Eurasian continent, has been gaining prominence in the world. We got together to let you know what Asia is, what conflicts it has and which direction it goes to. What makes us go forward is the passion for Asia, where we are interested, have traveled, have worked and/or even lived. We would be happy if you feel much closer to Asia through our activities!


President: Timothy Llewellyn-Davies

VP of Careers: Takeshi Honda

VP of Events: Yoshimi Ito

VP of Culture: Huimin Liu

What do we do:

Our aim is to foster your knowledge of business practices, cultures and politics in Asia. We regularly organize social events, such as Asian dinners, cultural exchange opportunities and company visits. In addition, we have connections with some Asia Business Clubs in other business schools to collaborate with each other to achieve the same goal.

Why should you join us:

Asia Business Club is a bridge between Asia and ESADE. If you are keen to know about Asia, share your experience with us and do something for Asia, this is a perfect place. We provide you with various opportunities to do so. Asia Business Club fits not only those who already have profound knowledge of Asia but also those who have never exposed to Asia. We welcome anyone who are interested!