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An academic structure to help you reach your objectives

Core subjects

12 months

In the first 3 phases that make up the core section, you will learn and establish both the basic concepts and strategic foundations necessary to develop your leadership and management capabilities.

Specialisation or exchange

4 months

In the 4th phase, the programme adapts to you, helping you to consolidate your career progression and put your knowledge into practice, with added international experience.

ESADE’s Executive MBA is a complete Management Development programme, consisting of 4 phases

Phase 1: Company, setting & function

In the first phase, you will achieve a more current and advanced vision of management, incorporating the most innovative aspects of business.  This phase is made up of two blocks:

• Essential knowledge for management, organisation and resources.

• Aspects that most influence managerial decision-making processes.


Phase 1 includes the Experiential Learning Programme (ELP)



Phase 1 Subjects:

General Management

Marketing Management

Competing through operations

Financial Analysis

Economy & Geopolitics

Leadership Development (Experiential Learning Programme: off-campus)

Phase 2: Strategy, value & business

Aimed at strengthening your strategic thinking capabilities and provide added value. The content of this phase is centred around developing management capabilities to be better placed to face change: how to capture and adapt value, how to establish competitive advantages, and focus on what reflection processes, exercises and analysis are necessary.


Includes the 1st international experience "Organizational Transformation and Change Management".



Phase 2 Subjects:

Business & International Strategy

Advanced Marketing Management

Supply Chain Management

Corporate Finance

Business Information Systems

Personal Development (LEAD)

Phase 3: Development in the face of complexity

Once these educational aspects have been fully internalised, the third phase places the focus on managing change, and the relevance that global perspective has for current managers, understanding the impact international settings have on business.

You will develop an in-depth knowledge of topics such as globalization, emerging markets and disruptive business models, adopting an active role in analysing and applying this knowledge to strengthen your leadership capabilities, competitiveness and sustainability.


Includes the 2nd international experience "Growth and Development in Emerging Markets" and the Boston e-Lab Study Tour.



Phase 3 subjects:

Strategy Implementation: Indicator maps

Corporate Social Responsibility

Law & Corporate Governance

Financial Markets


Leadership Development (Organizational Behavior)

Phase 4: Specialisation & personalisation

This phase includes two blocks: one core, hands-on block, common to all participants, and one personalised section, split into a choice of two different learning experiences.


Common Section:

This section is made up of three core subjects to consolidate your move into corporate management:

Final Business Project

Leadership Development (Assessment Center)

Strategic Business Simulation


Includes the 3rd international experience "Leading in a Global Context".



Personalised Section:

At this point of the programme, participants can choose between:


1) A choice of elective subjects for the specialisation phase. Choose those that best fit your profile and interests.These are carried out either at ESADE or abroad:

B2B Sales Management

Business Transformation and IoT Enabling Technologies

Crecer a dos dígitos: Aceleración corporativa

Data Driven Decisions in the era of Big Data

Dirección de personas y la vinculación con la Estrategia. Una nueva visión de RRHH

Estrategia Financiera: Project Finance & LBO's

Fusiones y Adquisiciones

Global Strategic Management

La Esencia de la Función Directiva

Leading the future. Strategic Innovation and Transformation

Marketing Strategy for the Digital Era

Negotiation, Communication & Persuasion


2) Participate in a 3-month international exchange with one of ESADE’s numerous partner schools

Transversal Content

Two of the most important elements of the Executive MBA programme run in parallel for its entire duration:

  • Management Development & Leadership

    A comprehensive programme of reflection, learning, and action to manage your change processes, both personally and professionally, and enhance your ability to influence and lead the way.

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  • Entrepreneurship & Final Business Project

    The completion of an Executive MBA is an excellent opportunity to rigorously prepare the implementation of new projects – both within your company and new business ventures.

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