Programme structure

Gain a solid foundation in the essential concepts of international business strategy, operations and finance. Explore the geopolitical dynamics shaping the way we do business across borders. Master the cross-cultural leadership skills and the global mindset to align diverse teams and resources around shared goals.

The MSc in International Management takes you deep into the critical issues and the theory, gives you the global exposure and helps you build the management competencies you need to develop your career in a global environment.

Programme Content

Business Integration Path (BIP)

July 2019 – Online module
August 2019 – On campus (3 weeks)


ESADE Master in Management programmes are primarily targeted at those with undergraduate degrees in business administration or economics.


If your degree is in a different discipline, we still invite you to apply. The Admissions Committee will assess your candidacy and, if admitted, we will ask you to enrol in the Business Integration Path (BIP) course, which will give you a grounding in management basics. The BIP course normally starts 3 weeks before the beginning of the regular classes of the Masters programme, and includes an online module which normally starts around the beginning of July.


The Business Integration Path (BIP) is broken into:


> Four online courses that start on July 3 and must be completed before the start of class courses on our Sant Cugat Campus
> A three-week block of face-to-face learning in August (before the Welcome Week) on the Sant Cugat campus:


  · Business Policy
  · Introduction to Finance
  · Introduction to Marketing
  · IT for Managers
  · Managing People
  · Operations and Logistics

Welcome Week



The ESADE Welcome Week is designed to help you hit the ground running. You'll get to know the ESADE management teams, find out how the Masters programme fits into the broader context of the business school, and get a full overview of the programme's academics and career services. You'll learn what is expected of you and we'll help you to make your time at ESADE a success, sharing some proven tips and guidelines. Group work is a key element of the Masters programme and you'll have the opportunity to get to know the other MSc participants straight away as you begin your journey together.

Term 1: The context of International Management | 20 ECTS



The first step to manage a global environment is to understand its complexity. This term is designed to provide you with the tools to further your knowledge of global business issues through the following six core courses:


> Firms, Economics and the Global Environment (intensive)*

Business in Society: Sustainability Strategies

> Business in Society: International Projects in Action

​> Corporate Finance**


> Financial Markets

> Managing Digital Business

> International Projects in Action


*This one week intensive course has a mandatory exam, but attendance is optional.

**Intended for students who have attended the Business Integration Path (BIP) course. It is not mandatory and no ECTS are given.

Study Tour & Skills Seminars | 5 ECTS


International Study Tours

Experience a different culture during an intensive week abroad at one of the world’s leading universities. 2018 international study tours include:


Cape Town, University Of Cape Town. Doing Business in Africa

La Habana, Universidad de la Habana. Understanding Cuba From a Business Perspective

London, London School of Economics. Global Topics in Finance

Los Angeles, University of California in LA. Marketing Strategies in a New Digital Era

Manila, Asian Institute of Management. Doing Business in Asia

New York, Columbia University. Global Topics in Data Sciences

Santiago de Chile, Adolfo Ibañez University. Doing Business in Latin America

Shanghai, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. Finance in Asia

Silicon Valley, University of San Francisco. The Silicon Valley Experience

Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv University School of Management. Doing Business in Israel

Washington DC, Georgetown University. Public Affairs & International Political Economy



Skill seminars:


3D Printing
Business Storytelling
Decision-making: Improving Your Judgement
Emotional Intelligence Resources for a Successful Career
Empowering Excel
Gateway Seminar: E-Commerce & Technology 
Gateway Seminar: Fashion 
Gateway Seminar: Sports 
Graphic Design for Entrepreneurs 
Introductory Seminar on Big Data for Business
Legal Issues for Startups
Managing Development in Poor Countries 
Microfinance and Development
Negotiations in Tough Environments (Inter-organisational Negotiations)
Profession in Action: Sales
Profession in Action: Brand
Python for Data Science
R for Data Science
Rhetorical Skills for Public Speaking 
The Leader as Actor

Term 2: Managing in a Complex Context | 16 ECTS



In this term you will be challenged to explore the key skills and competencies that you will need to develop to manage organizations in such a complex and uncertain environment. The term consists of five specialised subjects:


> International Business Strategies (intensive)

> International Marketing Strategies

> Global Operations

> Global Organisations

> Non Market Strategy

> International Projects in Action*


*The final presentations will be held during the first week of May.

Term 3: Furthering Skills | 12 ECTS



The third term is designed for each participant to design their own path of skills and competencies they need to develop depending on their interests and career aspirations. To that end you will have to select five electives among a wide range of options.


Management electives:

Becoming a Manager

Business Simulation

Competing with Business Intelligence & Analytics

Corporate Strategy

Emerging Markets

Entrepreneurship Finance & Venture Capital

Excellent Consulting: The Challenge of International Collaboration and Corporate Change

Global Supply Chain

Innovation through Design-Thinking

Leading Toward Sustainable Futures

Managing International Innovation

MIM Mergers & Acquisitions

Political Risk Analysis, Geo-Economics & Global Business

Project Management


Free electives:

Big Data in Finance
Big Data & Analytics
Climate Change and the Business Response
Co-creation Strategies: Innovating Together with Customers
Corporate Strategy
Cross Cultural Management
Data Minding
Dealing with IPR
Decision-Making Marketing Research
Design & Marketing
Development Tools for Web and Mobile Apps
Digital Business Models, Digital Transformation and Innovation Ecosystems
Digital Marketing Performance
Excel: Discovering the Power of VBA
Family Business Management
Finance for Marketing and Sales Managers
Fintech: Technology Innovation & Financial Services
Global Economy Debates
Hedge Funds
Implementing Integrated Communications
In Search of Principles for a Life Philosophy: Lessons from Art, History and Economics
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Clean-Tech and Sustainable Energy
Journey into Professionalism
Leading with Impact: Developing Your Leadership Skills, Becoming a Leader
Managing Entrepreneurial Growth
Recommender Systems
Sales Management and Getting Your Beachhead Customers
Seis Momentos Decisivos en la Historia de la Gestión
Smart Cities
Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investment
Strategic Key Account Management
Strategic Management of Disruptive Innovation and Exponential Technologies
Sustainable Business Models
Think, Act, Create and Lead
Understanding and Influencing Consumers (and Managers) 

Summer term: Digging Deeper | 7 ECTS





The last term you will have to select a specific area of interest and invest a significant amount of hours (larger than with any of the other individual courses) to explore an issue of your choosing more in depth. 

You can choose from three different formats:

> Business creation project, aimed at developing your understanding on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. 

In-company business project, based on a professional internship or collaboration with a real company.

Masters thesis, aimed at demonstrating your research abilities by exploring an issue in depth


You will receive full support from your tutors, regardless of the format chosen. You will also have to complete a prior preparation course.





What to do after your MSc


Extend your studies by one more year, including a 8-week internship abroad. CEMS offers an incredible international experience.


Double Degrees

Spend a second year in one of our prestigious partner schools around the world and earn an official degree from both institutions (External Double Degree), or combine two complementary ESADE MSc programmes to suit your personal career goals (Internal Double Degree).