A New Kind of Leadership

Learn to Think, Learn to Act, Learn to Lead

What does it take to be leader? To navigate complexity? To mobilise and inspire people from different backgrounds, cultures or mindsets?

Part of your learning journey will be about self-discovery. You’ll be challenged to rethink your own approaches, values and perspectives as you explore a new kind of leadership – the kind of leader you aspire to become.

At ESADE we believe that tomorrow’s leader is someone with the understanding and the self-awareness to embrace their responsibility- to themselves and to others.

Be the leader of tomorrow

 A leader who thinks about problems critically and systemically. Who manages uncertainty knowing that you sometimes have to lose your way before you find the best path forward. A leader who takes collaborative decisions built on trust, integrity and a long-term outlook.

Above all, we believe that tomorrow’s leader is someone who never stops questioning. And that means questioning yourself. Being prepared to listen, to think, to reflect on and accept your strengths, your shortcomings. To work continuously towards being the best you can be. As a leader – and as a human being.