International Projects in Action

Translate theory into action

Your Project in Action is a highlight of the MSc programme. It challenges you to apply what you’ve learned in class to a real organisational situation.

You will take the role of consultant as part of a team of 5 or 6 students. Together, you will analyse, articulate and address one of 24 problems presented by ESADE’s international partner companies and NGOs. For 600 hours per team across two terms you will explore your assigned challenge, try out different approaches and pull together to build a solution. 

Project in Action exposes you to the complexities of real-life business. It broadens your understanding and empowers you to develop new team-building, analytical-thinking and project-management skills.

You will master:

  • Working in teams
  • Managing complex situations
  • Making long-term, strategic decisions
  • Facing challenges in the real world from a system understanding
  • Presenting innovative and valuable solutions

Organisations who have work on International Projects in Action include:

Example Projects

Are you up to the challenge?

Small NGO

The NGO has launched a responsible tourism project. They need a business plan, marketing plan and commercial strategy. Currently, they operate with the Pangea travel agency, but they would like to study what other travel agencies would be interested.

Social business

Build the company’s transactions wallet proposition: the simplest way to pay people. Sending and receiving payments instantly from their app. You’ll need to work through the research, competition landscape, target definition, penetration strategy, business plan, go-to-market, legal, support execution.


Explore the current situation with food waste at the company by conducting research across stores regarding practices. Look at what is going on in terms of benchmarking and best practices. You will be expected to develop recommendations on how this should be addressed.

"The professors at ESADE are very high quality because they don't only have academic achievement but also have a lot of field experience so they taught us how to apply the theories into the cases."

Anyun Ni

MSc in International Management - Class of 2015

Assistant Marketing Manager at The Coca-Cola Company