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Where Can Your ESADE MSc Take You?

The business changing world is changing fast. And you want to lead that change.

At ESADE, we understand your drive to do things differently. That’s why the MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been created as a defining step towards becoming a successful intrapreneur or entrepreneur.  Whether you plan to lead innovation from inside an existing company or launch your own start-up, we’ll help you to define your objectives, and assemble the tools and resources you need.

If you’re driven by a passion to launch your own business, the ESADE entrepreneurship ecosystem will support and accelerate your efforts to turn your ideas into reality.

But the can-do mentality you’ll develop will also help you add value in the corporate world. Recruiters today are on the lookout for talented intrapreneurs to drive product innovation and process development projects. Research centres, R&D departments, business incubators and development agencies need people with the ideas and understanding to drive innovation through to results. That’s why top companies seek out ESADE graduates.

While many people who complete the programme do go on to start up their own ventures, many others find success in:

  • Innovation management
  • Innovation architecture
  • R&D
  • Business development
  • Innovation management consulting
  • Policy advice
  • Financial analysis (evaluation of business propositions)
  • Managing innovation, technology and creative centres, as well as clean-tech and sustainable energy
  • Marketing and sales

Emploment Report · Class of 2018

Some of the companies recruiting ESADE MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship graduates: