Rambla of Innovation

A New Learning Ecosystem

At ESADE, innovation is in our DNA. Our Sant Cugat campus is built around an environment designed for business experimentation and creation. The Rambla of Innovation features laboratories and other spaces that invite you to participate in idea-generation and product-creation processes, to begin your own business project, and even 3D-print the game-changing products you invent. 

Experiment – Learn – Innovate

  • Spaces

    Decision Lab



    Fusion Point


  • Who

    Collaborative work:

    · Students 
    · Faculty 
    · Researchers 
    · Entrepreneurs 
    · Companies

  • What

    Idea generation

    Design of products and services

    Entrepreneurship | start-ups

    Project acceleration

    Prototype creation


Let’s make things happen!

A creative, open space to foster your entrepreneurial spirit. Here, you can share ideas about new business opportunities, concepts, prototypes and ideas. The E-Garage offers you resources and adaptive spaces to think, discuss and create.


Let’s do it!

Where ideas become project and reality. The E-Works area is designed for entrepreneurs with a clear plan. This space is geared around the hands-on processes of entrepreneurship and is especially designed for fast-growing companies with global aspirations.

Fusion Point

Let’s create it!

Imagine working alongside engineers and designers to create the product of the future. The Fusion Point brings together business students from ESADE, engineering students from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and design students from the European Design Institute (IED). It works like a laboratory. Starting with real challenges, you’ll develop solutions: new products, services and processes based on innovative methodologies such as design thinking.


Let’s make it!

A space for prototyping, launching and testing. This open laboratory gives you access to the latest technology to give your ideas physical form. You can use lasers and 3D printers to experiment and transform your ideas into tangible products.

Decision Lab

The secrets of decision making

A place where faculty and researchers explore the key factors that underpin decision-making in the market. The Decision Lab is built around:

· A room for observing and analysing user experience and group work
· A space for developing and analysing interaction and negotiation between users
· A room for analysing users’ digital experience